Become a Po Campo Brand Ambassador!

Thank you for your interest in joining our Po Campo Ambassador Program.  Please fill out of the form below. We accept applications on a rolling basis and review applications monthly. Please email us at with any questions.

About the Po Campo Ambassador Program

Do you love using your bike or scooter to get around and want to help others integrate micromobility into their lifestyle? That's Po Campo's goal too and we want your help in making it happen.

As a Po Campo Brand Ambassador, you'll show others the joy and benefits of #bikingplaces, and how having the right bag can help with that. You'll also help guide our future product and programs – instead of just creating things FOR you, we want to create things WITH you!

Through all of this, you'll have a direct line to Po Campo where you can count on our full support, meet other brand ambassadors, and get discounts and swag from Po Campo.

What Our Ambassadors Do

Your ambassador obligations are to:

  • Post to your favorite social media channels and tag Po Campo at least once per week
  • Contribute at least five photos/videos to our content library each month (you can upload to Google Drive right from your iPhone)
  • Help amplify our social posts by liking, commenting, and/or sharing them
  • Be active in our Facebook private group and/or Instagram group message
  • Submit reviews of the Po Campo bags you use on our site and partner sites

What You Get in Return

We recognize that you are contributing your valuable time and energy to spread the word about Po Campo and we are incredibly thankful for all that our ambassadors do! In return, you will receive:

  • Ability to test new products* as we develop them, and give input to design process
  • One free bag of your choice and up to 3 more bags per year of Po Campo's choosing to use in photos and videos
  • 25% off discount code for personal use on
  • 10% commission on purchases made with the discount code you can share with others
  • Access to private Facebook group with other ambassadors and staff where we'll work on new initiatives together
  • Platform for sharing your passion and expertise
  • Swag (reflector pins, postcards, etc) to hand out

*Not all ambassadors will be able to do this and we will give preference to ambassadors who stay active and engaged in the program.

Okay, Enough Talking Already!

Still interested? Good! Application questions are below.