World Car Free Day Giveaway

World Car Free Day is coming up on September 22 - get ready to go car-free, or at least car-lite, by entering this giveaway, with a grand prize worth more than $1500.

World Car Free Day Giveaway


The Brands + What You'll Win

Po Campo Logo

City Lights Spica Handlebar Sling Bag and Atria Backpack (value $250)

Po Campo Spica Handlebar Sling Bag and Atria Reflective Backpack

Scoot smarter. Spica and Atria have all the features you need to make the most of your daily commute. They're even crafted with reflective Visi-Hemp® so you can ride safely at night. 


Beyond Scooter

Classon Smart Helmet & 6-Month E-Scooter Subscription ($912 value)

Beyond Classon Smart Helmet and Scooter Subscription

Get there faster with Beyond's hassle-free e-scooter subscription, including a best-in-class GPS smart lock. Arrive safely with the Classon Helmet, which includes integrated headlight and brake lights, as well as a front camera. 


Swrve Apparel

CORDURA® Slim Fit Jeans & Cotton Work Jacket (value $259)

Swrve apparel

Arrive in style with swrve's CORDURA jeans and work jacket, engineered for unrestricted movement and comfort. Both garments feature 4-way stretch that enhances performance without sacrificing durability. 


Eco Lunchbox

$100 Giftcard (value $100)

Eco Lunchbox

Don't forget to refuel your body post-ride! Pack your lunch in your choice of ECOlunchbox's plastic-free food containers, which are designed to be healthy for people and the planet.


  • David Green

    Aww! Pity it’s not available in Scotland.

  • KE Higgins

    Wish Car Free day was not on a weekday, I do have to drive to get to my job… love all of these cool products!

  • Kelly Paananen

    Man I sure miss being a PoCampo ambassador!! Such great products and mission!! Still roll long and commuting by bike!! Woot woot! Keep up thr great work!

  • John Flores

    Thank for the chance.

  • linda handlin


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