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When your team is ready to get out of the office - whether a return to HQ or a new work space closer to home - encourage them to leave the car behind and promote a sustainably mobile lifestyle with a new co-branded Po Campo bag.

Why Po Campo

  • 12 years of experience making bags designed specifically to make bikes and e-scooters a more seamless part of your life.
  • Innovative from the beginning, Po Campo was the first to introduce a bag for bike share, the first to introduce bike bags with an integrated power supply, and now the first to introduce reflective hemp fabric Visi-Hemp®.
  • Trusted industry partner, sold through reputable retailers like REI and Title Nine
  • Committed to diversity as a women-owned small business with 50% of team people of color, donating 1% of sales to charities focusing on under-served populations.

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Po Campo Corporate Sales