Five Spring Craft Ideas For National Craft Month

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March is National Craft Month, which combines two of our favorite things: spring and making things. In this post, we compiled five spring craft ideas to show you how to make something that you’ll love using this season.

For each of these five projects, we’ve included both a quick-and-easy and difficult-but-satisfying version so you can find something that suits you.

Spring Craft Ideas #1: Headband

As the temperature warms, we gladly bid adieu to our winter hats. Yet it’s not quite warm enough to let our ears go totally unprotected. Say hello to the stylish headband, your new best friend. Plus, you can use them at your yoga class to keep your hair in control.

Spring Craft Ideas - Headband

Anthropologie Inspired DIY Braided Headband by Jen Renee

Spring Craft Ideas - Headband

DIY Headband found on

Spring Craft Ideas #2: Outdoor Candles

Hurray for daylight savings! Turning the clock forward an hour last Sunday has given us an extra skip in our step, as the extra hour of sunshine is telling our brain that that spring is surely on its way now. And what comes with spring, and then summer? Eating dinner outdoors until dark, when you light a few candles to keep the conversation going. Why not prepare for the inevitable and make some cool outdoor candles now?

Spring Craft Ideas - Candle Hanging Wine Bottle Candle found on
Spring Craft Ideas - Candle DIY Citronella Candels from Marty’s Musings


Spring Craft Ideas #3: Crocheted Bicycle Skirt Guard 

Hopefully you’ve been using Maria’s winter biking tips and have hopped on your bike saddle a few times the last few months. That said, nothing beats the first glorious bike rides in spring. The unfettered freedom, when in your hair, skirt billowing in the wind…just to be safe, it’s better to have a skirt guard to keep your skirt out of your wheel. And what better than to make it yourself.

Spring Craft Ideas - Bike Skirtguard 

Bicycle Skirt Guard
by Lorna Watt

Spring Craft Ideas - Bike Skirtguard DIY Skirt Guard found at


Spring Craft Ideas #4: DIY Seed Starters

If you’re chomping at the bit for some home grown veggies and herbs like we are, you can get a jump on the gardening season by starting seeds indoors. Research has shown that making things with your hands, which includes crafting like knitting, but also woodworking and gardening, reduces stress and anxiety and can even can help with depression. Hopefully you are not feeling any of those things right now, but if you are, start planting!

You can use any old 2-3″ deep container to get your seeds started, but have fun with it with some of these crafty ideas.

Spring Craft Ideas - Newspaper Pots 

Newspaper Pots found on

Spring Craft Ideas - Self Watering Planters 

Self Watering Planters from

Set yourself up for success with these surefire vegetable varieties: broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and herbs like basil. Not sure when to start? Reference Organic Gardening’s handy dandy seed starting chart to know when to start planting in your area.

Spring Craft Ideas #5: Bird Feeder

Welcome your feathered friends back home this spring with a brand new bird feeder. You want birds around because their birdsong relaxes us and cognitively stimulates us. It’s also just one of those things that you don’t realize how much you missed during winter until you hear the first chirps in spring.

Spring Craft Ideas - Bird Feeder

Spring Craft Ideas - Bird Feeder 

Hanging Orb Bird Feeder from The Art of Doing Stuff

Did you know that you can attract different types of birds with different bird feed? Here’s a list of the common types of bird feed, and which breeds of birds they attract.

We’re big crafters here at Po Campo and are totally stoked to have a pop-up shop during National Craft Month at our fave knitting store in the Chicago area: Knitche, in Downers Grove. On March 14, we’ll have a meet-and-greet at their shop from 1-4pm. Po Campo team member Robin will be debuting her custom pattern for a knitted washcloth with a bicycle motif. Stop by the store to pick up your copy!

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