How to Pack a Midway Weekender for a Weekend Getaway

Whether or not you are buried under snow right now, a weekend getaway to a warmer climate sounds pretty irresistible this time of year. Fortunately there are some great travel deals available at the moment, especially if you don't have to check a bag. Well, lucky for you, our Midway Weekender is the perfect carry-on bag, and is large enough to carry everything you need for a weekend away.

Midway Weekender

Several months ago, we posted a picture on our Instagram about how our founder Maria was able to fit a week's worth of clothes into a Midway Weekender. A lot of you wondered how she was able to do that, and of course there are a few tricks.

It's easier to pack light when you're going to a warm place because sundresses and t-shirts don't take up as much space in the bag. Choose clothes that don't wrinkle, aren't too bulky, and that you can mix and match. In this demo, we packed:
- Sundress
- T-shirt and shorts
- Lightweight cardigan and slacks that match everything for cooler evenings
- Comfy cotton yoga pants and a tank top that can double as pajamas

We roll those clothes up and put them in the bottom of the bag. A mesh pouch carries intimates and a swimsuit, and goes on top of the clothes. A small make-up case and our Po Campo Bifold Wallet fit inside the organizer pockets in the Midway for easy access while on the go.

The Midway Weekender's bottom compartment is the natural place to pack a pair of sandals. We also tuck a Six Corners Handlebar Bag in this section, which we're using as a toiletry bag while en route. Once you reach your destination, you can empty the bag out in the bathroom and convert the bag to its normal usage of a handlebar and/or crossbody bag.

Lastly, what about a beach towel?! If you intend to spend a lot of time soaking up some Vitamin D and the Air Bnb you booked doesn't offer beach towels, don't fret about wasting interior space with packing your own. Simply roll up the towel and slip it under the elastic straps on the front of the Midway Weekender. 

Bon voyage!


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