All About The Water-Resistant Kent Sling Handlebar Bag

The 3-in-1 Bag

With three different ways to carry your belongings, the versatile, water-resistant Kent Sling Bag is as mobile as you are. Wear the Kent as a sling bag or fanny pack, or attach it to your bike or scooter handlebars with the hideaway fastener straps.

5 Reasons Why You Need This Bag

#1 Not too big, not too small

Often it's difficult finding the right bag -  the bag is either too small or too big. Sometimes we need something smaller than a backpack but bigger than those popular waist bags that look like wallets on a strap. We want something that we can grab when we need to take more than just a wallet and our keys.

#2 The bag with multiple personalities

Nobody wants a closet full of bags they never use. We want to be eco-conscious with our purchases and mindful that what we buy is useful in our everyday lives. That is why The Kent Sling Handlebar bag is perfect for you. It is water-resistant and can be used 3 ways - as a comfortable sling bag, attached to the handlebars of a bike or scooter, or as a fanny/bum bag. 

#3 Fits like a glove

When worn as a sling bag this bag is designed to fit snug and has adjustable straps so you can move the bag to that perfect spot for your body. You can wear this bag on the front or back of the body depending on what works best for you. We believe you will forget you have this bag on.

#4 Right on Trend

Sling bags are not a new invention. Neither are fanny or handlebar bags. However, all are becoming increasingly popular in the last couple of years for all genders. These bags are practical, water-resistant, stylish and easy to wear. Why not choose a bag that can do all three for you.

#5 Fits Today’s Essentials 

Today every one of us, no matter what gender, needs to bring more things with us when we go out of the house. We need to have a facemask, maybe even gloves. It would be nice to have a little bottle of sanitizer. A go-to, water-resistant bag like The Kent Sling Handlebar Bag can be the catch-all bag that is there to grab full of all your essentials and ready to hit the road no matter where you have to go.


Design Inspiration and Background

by Founder Maria Boustead

Po Campo bags have always been known for versatility. I really take pride in people telling us “we’ve thought of everything” and how seamlessly our bags transition from on to off the bike. After enough people asked me if the Kinga was ever going to be able to be worn as a fanny pack, I took it as a personal challenge to figure out how we could create a water-resistant handlebar bag that could be worn around the waist, or even around the chest as a sling bag.

First I thought, waist bags and sling bags are already pretty comfortable to wear while biking, so what would inspire you to mount it on your handlebars instead of wearing it? The obvious answer is size and weight - if you’re carrying more, it would be more comfortable to use the bag as a handlebar bag, especially on hot and sweaty days. Therefore we made the Kent higher capacity at 3.6L, bigger than any other handlebar bag.

You also might use the Kent as a handlebar bag if you are out for a more fitness ride as it’s not comfortable to wear a bag over your jersey. For that reason, the Kent has a sportier look.

When we were developing this bag, one of the tricky aspects was the waist strap length. We needed tremendous adjustability in the strap to be able to go from a waist back to a sling pack that fits a large variety of body shapes. The clever way we solved this challenge was to have the waist strap pass uninterrupted behind the mesh pocket, providing adjustability from 32” to 58”. It was important for me to be able to offer this range as Po Campo serves people of all shapes and sizes.

We also acknowledge that people are sometimes going to wear the bag on their body while biking, not always put it on their handlebars. To help the rider be seen, we added reflective accents onto the “wings” of the bag, as well as included a place to clip on a bike light.

The bag is equipped with a versatile stowaway pocket on the back, either for tucking in the handlebar straps or the waist straps. You don’t have to compromise in any of the usage modes.

In a nod to the forward-thinking of the Kent bike lane, the Kent comes in our Sustainable Slate water-resistant fabric, made out of Repreve fabric from 100% recycled water bottles.

What's In A Name?

Po Campo has named its bag after our favorites spots to bike in our hometown since its inception (with a few exceptions). Brooklyn cyclists will immediately recognize Kent as the two-way protected bike lane that winds along the Brooklyn waterfront, taking you from the Navy Yard to Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Imagined as a bike superhighway, the Kent bike lane was introduced in 2010 as one of the first protected bike lanes in the city, and by 2015, it certainly became so:


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Easy On/Off Attachments


We know you will find this bag truly functional and fashionable. To get yours now, click here.


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