Po Campo's Founder featured on The Joyride Podcast!

Check out the Joyride Podcast to hear our founder and CEO Maria Boustead talk bags, biking and what’s in store for Po Campo. 

Joyride, Po Campo, Cute Stylish Bike Bags

Maria Boustead was a featured guest on the Joyride Podcast where she talks about her inspirations and her vision to make a bike bags that was both functional and stylish for women- a group she felt was being ignored by the bike bag industry.

Joyride Podcast, Po Campo, Stylish Bike Bags

The interview is packed with info, but you can skip ahead to these topics:

3:40 Who is Maria? What is Po Campo?

5:00 Inspiration and feeling like a minority biker

8:20 Mission and more about the brang

10:25 Starting her business and how she came up with the designs

13:45 Commuter style

15:00 How she got into biking, Chicago and biking in other countries

17:25 Incorporating cycling into other aspects of her life

20:29 What makes her a  better cyclist, her confidence with biking, fears that come with biking and tips to help

25:00 Po Campo Retailers and local bike shops

27:00 New bags and new designs

33:15 Partnership Work Bicycle Relief

35:00 What to look forward to for 2018!

36:00 Talks National Bike Challenge

38:00 How to contact Po Campo

38:20 Advice for women wanting to start their own business

Listen to the podcast now!

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