Saying Good-bye to the Midway Weekender

We started selling travel and yoga bags back in 2013. Only one of those designs had true staying power: the Midway Weekender. With its separate shoe compartment, TSA friendly friendly size, yoga mat carrying capacity, and colorful fabrics, this bag has been one of our most popular bags since its inception.

"This bag has everything I could possibly need and then some." - Carrie A.

"I love this bag! It's sturdy, well-made, and cute to boot." - Lauren M.
"It's a beautiful bag, love the pop of interior color and the additional storage on the bottom makes it stand apart from other bags." - Erika G.

So why are we saying good-bye to it now? Basically so that we can focus on our bicycle bags. We started Po Campo to help people carry what they need on and off their bikes with style and ease, and that's still our true passion. Yet here we had this "other" bag, albeit a wonderful bag, that was causing us to constantly explain that sorry, no, it doesn't attach to your bike.

Po Campo Midway Weekender in Mosaic


If you have a Midway Weekender and love it, consider getting another before we sell-out of them completely! And if you haven't had the pleasure of traveling with this bag, get one before they're gone! Shop Midway Weekenders now.

PS// Stay tuned for Spring 2019 when a bike-friendly Midway Weekender-esque bag is coming!

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