We Need To Change

I’m devastated and mournful of the death of George Floyd and every African American life that has been taken at the hands of the police; it is a national tragedy. Po Campo stands in solidarity with the protestors filling streets around the world to demand change. Unequivocally.

Po Campo acknowledges that systemic racism is real and pernicious. Our statements of support for change are an important and overdue first step. But words without action are meaningless, and it is our actions to affect positive change that are necessary to make durable longstanding cultural change. There is hard work to be done, and we’re ready to do everything we can. 

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to get to know many Black entrepreneurs and small business owners, and I’ve been humbled time and again by the deep commitment to their communities and their fortitude in the face of adversity. As their businesses grow, the positive effects of their work and dedication ripple out through their community. We must support these businesses and foster growth starting now. Lost time is never found again, and today is the day to seize long overdue change.

We believe that when Black-owned businesses thrive, their families and communities thrive. At Po Campo, we stand for justice, equality, diversity and anti-racism, and we recognize the need to be better. Going forward, we vow to be bold, be purposeful, and be engaged in our actions to support minority-owned businesses in every way we can. With an open mind and an open heart, you will see changes to our social media, blog posts and website to be more inclusive and support this initiative. 


Maria Boustead
Founder Po Campo

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