World Bicycle Relief

In May 2013, Po Campo partnered with World Bicycle Relief, a Chicago nonprofit that supplies new bikes into programs for rural African communities, giving them access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.

Every time we sell 50 bags through our online store, we pay for a new bicycle for a schoolgirl in Africa. Shop now to get us one bag closer to a new bike!

Mobilize Me from World Bicycle Relief on Vimeo.

Why do we want to African girls to stay in school? Because educated girls:

// Are much less likely to become child brides, making them less likely to contract HIV during child birth and be sexually assaulted.
// End up making more money, giving her independence and the to participate in the labor force to shape the growth of her community.
// Learn how to break the cycle of poverty that has crippled her region for decades.

Education For All from World Bicycle Relief on Vimeo.

Why do we want them to have a bicycle? Because:

// Most girls live many miles from the nearest school and, if they walk, they can’t squeeze in both school and chores in their day. But, with a bike, they can do both.
// Riding a bicycle is fun and gives one a wonderful sense of independence. We love that feeling and want to share it.

Po Campo and World Bicycle Relief