3 Health Benefits that Prove that Walking is Awesome

Y'all know that we're addicted to our two-wheel transport but in honor of National Walking Day, we're sharing some of the health benefits of our second favorite mode of transportation: walking. The two activities have a lot in common!

Walking Health Benefits - diagram

It's Easy To Do

What's easier than hopping on a bike for some easy daily exercise? Just slipping on some comfortable shoes and walking out the door of course! Thanks to the efforts of many cities to make walking a viable and pleasant option, it is easy to take a walking meeting with colleagues, stroll to pick-up food for lunch, or just take a short walk to enjoy the sun on your face. Get inspired by these 20 scenic strolls through some of the U.S.'s greatest walkable cities.

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It Helps Your Heart

There's a reason why the American Heart Association supports National Walking Day. While all cardiovascular exercise is good for your heart, walking is a good alternative for those who can't handle or don't like high intensity work-outs, like running or spin class. In fact, research has shown that briskly walking 30 minutes a day similarly reduces high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and possibly even coronary heart disease. (source).

National Walking Day

It Cheers You Up

A 10 minute brisk walk - not so fast that you start to sweat - can boost your mood for two hours. (source). Starting your day with a boost of cheer and optimism is an appealing reason to walk to work, or to take a walk after a stressful meeting to reboot the system and prepare for the next part of your day. Research shows that these feel-good feelings are enhanced if you can take a walk through a park or quiet street. (source).

 Walking Health Benefits - walking in a park
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