May Fan Photo Winner!

Our May 2016 winner is Alex from Chicago, IL. You can get to know her a little bit better through the Q+A below. Thanks, Alex!

Each month we will be choosing our favorite Po Campo fan photo to display on the blog. We see all of your beautiful pictures on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, but if there are photos you’ve taken with your Po Campo bag that you haven’t posted online, feel free to send them our way! You can email your fan photos to or tag your photos with #pocampo for a chance to win a FREE PO CAMPO BAG.

Po Campo Fan Photo Contest
@alrobertson314 with an Uptown Bike Trunk Bag in Mosaic

1. Tell us a bit about your hometown. Where do you insist on taking out of town guests?

I'm from Chicago. Some of the key places we take guests to are the 606 trail, Logan Arcade, and the Garfield Park Conservatory.

2. Where is your favorite place to take your Po Campo? 

My favorite place to take my Po Campo bag is on longer trips because it works well as both a bike bag and a handbag.

3. A suggestion for people who are interested in biking but have safety concerns?

Get an upright bike, good lights (for both day and night), and start by riding on streets where you feel comfortable and confident,

4. Secrets for managing helmet hair, or any other style tips?

Bring deodorant wipes on rides as they're an easy and convenient way to clean up

5. Favorite biking memory?

The first day I got my own bike after using Divvy bike share for a year. It was the start of a whole different way of riding.

6. If you could be amazing at playing any one instrument, which would you pick?


7. If you could wake up fluent in any language, which would it be?


8. What song do you always sing when you sing karaoke?

Army of Me - Björk

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