5 Valentine Date Ideas for Fun and Interesting People

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Do you know how you and your partner will be spending it yet? If you’re looking for some unique and fun Valentine date ideas that go beyond the standard prixe fixe menu at the downtown Italian restaurant, keep reading for our recommendations.

Valentine Date Ideas - Partner Yoga Your beginner partner yoga class will have easier poses! Image source

1. Partner Yoga

First it must be said that partner yoga is not sexual and is not for lovers only. But, since the activity entails two people moving and breathing together with lots of touching and a certain degree of intimacy, partner yoga does make for one of the more obvious Valentine date ideas. A beautiful aspect of partner yoga is the mutual giving and receiving throughout the practice. Read more on Elephant Journal.

While we’re on the subject, may we suggest a Po Campo yoga bag as a Valentine’s Day present? Treat yourself or a loved one with 14% off through 2/14/15 with code BeMine.

2. Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate

Regardless of what the groundhog predicts, we hope that February is the last month of “real winter”, which means our opportunities to go ice skating outdoors are coming to an end. Whatever your ice skating proficiency is, holding hands while ice skating, and helping each other up after falling, builds serious bonds, making it one of favorite Valentine date ideas for us northerners.

Round off your ice skating escapades with a cup of hot chocolate. Try spiking it to help you or your partner forget the pain of skinning your knee.

Valentine Date Ideas - Tandem Bike 

Be like Springsteen and take a bicycle built for two. Image Source.

3. Tandem Biking

For you warm weather dwellers, we suggest a tandem bike ride as one of your Valentine date ideas. What is more romantic than the two-wheeled spirit of adventure? Choose a nice route that involves pedaling through greenery and ends with a picnic. Incidentally, our Logan bike trunk bag fits a bottle of wine, cheese and fruit. (If you don’t have one, you can pick one up for 14% off through 2/14/15 with code BeMine).

Of course, those of us living in colder climates can ride in winter too. If you’d like to try taking the tandem out for a spin when it’s below freezing, have a look at our tips for winter biking.

Valentine Date Ideas - Cooking Class 

Yes, cooking is fun, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Image source

4. Cooking Class

Instead of going to a restaurant, why don’t you and your Valentine expand your cooking knowledge and prepare a special dinner yourselves? Particularly fun is learning an ethnic cuisine of a place you either both share fond memories of or of a place you long to go to. You can’t go wrong with Italian, but what about Indian or French cooking classes as great Valentine date ideas?

Or, take it another direction and help each other keep your New Year’s resolutions by learning some healthy eating tips with a vegan or raw cooking class. For an extra special evening, pair the class with another of our Valentine date ideas: Partner Yoga.

5. Dance Lessons

Okay, so maybe cooking isn’t your thing, but how about taking dance lessons together? It takes two to tango after all, making this an excellent option for Valentine date ideas. You can keep it classic with ballroom dancing, go for Latin flavor with salsa and rumba or get your do-si-do on with square dancing. Many dance studios offer specials for Valentine’s Day, specifically for newbies, and often with wine and hors d’oeuvres, so nothing to worry if you have two left feet: these evenings are made for you.

So, what did we miss? Please leave your suggestions for good Valentine date ideas in the comments below.

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