Gift Guide for the Bike Commuter

We all have friends who prefer pedal power to get to and from work. They save money, get exercise and help protect the environment. Surprise your eco-conscience bike commuter friends with these awesome holiday gifts.

Bike Commuter - BetaBrand Source: Betabrand


The Perfect Commuter Pant:

Beta Brand is Po Campo staff favorite. They make great bike commuter pants for men and women. The pants are practical for biking and are 100% office appropriate. They’re made of water and soil repellent fabrics that move easily, reflective details and slightly higher rear waist-bands to keep you covered while biking. $106-$108 at

Bike Commuter - Po Campo Bike Share BagSource: Po Campo

Bike Share Bag:

We love the community-oriented idea of a bike share program, and chances are your bike commuter friends love it, too! One downside, however, is that it’s hard to tote your stuff in the front baskets, so we at Po Campo came up with the perfect solution. The Bike Share Bag is designed to fit just about any bike share vehicle thanks to adjustable bungee straps, and comes in a great choice of a basic black or fun-loving emerald bike pattern. $85 at

Bike Commuter - Fitbit Source: Fitbit


Help the bike commuter in your life track his or her fitness goals with a Fitbit wristband. It records everything the wearer does, meaning you gym credit when you bike to work, walk the dog or take out the garbage. We’ve also partnered with EveryMove, meaning fitbit users can earn discounts on future Po Campo purchases just by meeting personal fitness goals. $99.95+ at

Bike Commuter - Po Campo Messenger Bag Source: Po Campo

Humboldt Messenger Bag:

As chill as its namesake, the Humboldt Messenger is a no-fuss bag for any bike commuter, but especially great for those who bike to work each day. Made from durable waxed canvas and nylon to keep contents dry and wipe clean, this earthy brown messenger bag can fit all the essentials, from a 15” laptop to a 12 pack of beer (if they’re commuting to a party, of course.) Best of all, its unisex design makes it the perfect gift for your bike commuter buddy, male or female! $75 at

Bike Commuter - Giro Gloves Source: Giro

Riding Gloves:

Every bike commuter needs a great pair of gloves. We love these from Giro. They’re made of wind and water resistant leather and lined with thermal fleece that will keep your pal’s hands warm even in the middle of winter. $75 at

Bike Commuter - Speaker 


Handlebar Speaker:

Those bike rides into work can be lonely. Help keep your bike commuting friend entertained with this handy bluetooth speaker. It comes in a variety of colors and easily attaches to his or her handlebars. It’s even water-resistant for those unexpected showers. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts 16-hours per charge. $49.95 at

No matter how dreary the weather or how long the commute, you can cheer your bike commuter friend up with anyone of these presents- and guarantee yourself a buddy for life!

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