Sharing a Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is one our favorite holidays. How can you not love a holiday that requires you to gather with friends and family and indulge in delicious food? This year we are thankful for our new, warmer warehouse, our great customers, and all the protected bike lanes and Divvy docks that have been popping up around Chicago. Each of the Po Campo staffers shared their Thanksgiving tradition, and we invite you to share yours in the comments! 

Thanksgiving Tradition - Maria 

Source: Pearson Farm

Maria, Owner/Designer
If there’s one dish I don’t look forward to, it’s sweet potato pecan casserole. My mom has been making this dish forever and somewhere along the line it became understood that I loved it even though I don’t. Yet, I can’t bear to tell her since she always hands it to me first and says, “Here you go sweetheart, just what you’ve been waiting for!”. It's now a Thanksgiving tradition.

Thanksgiving Tradition - Robin Source: Etsy

Robin, Account Manager
Many of my family’s traditions center around food, but my favorite Thanksgiving tradition to share is Pennsylvania Dutch Filling. Mash potatoes meet stuffing, get covered in butter, and then baked until golden on top. Note the two sticks of butter in the traditional recipe! I can see why my Dad’s tradition was to drag us out of the house after eating for a long walk.

Thanksgiving Tradition - Emilie

Emilie, Shipping 
​My family is pretty casual about Thanksgiving. This year, though, we’re doing things a little different. My brother’s band will be having a jam session in our basement post-dessert, which will probably turn into an open mic featuring our closest friends and family. The whiskey will flow heavily and more than one drum stick will be shredded from rocking too hard. Hopefully the start of a new Thanksgiving tradition!

Thanksgiving Tradition - Shelly

Shelly, Marketing
Most of my friends work in industries where you don’t necessarily get an extended holiday for Thanksgiving, so every year we do a ‘friendsgiving’, where everyone gets together for a big feast, cocktails and party games, like Cards Against Humanity and Celebrity. The one Thanksgiving tradition I’ve carried over from family celebrations is making mostaccioli. My mom started making it when I became vegetarian as a teenager. Now, it doesn’t feel like a holiday without it!


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