Birthday Party Photos

Back when Po Campo was just a baby, barely more than an idea, I remember saying, “If we ever make it to five years, we should have a big party and invite everyone who helped get us there”. Well, last Friday night, we did just that!

On the evening of July 11th, a big crowd gathered at Heritage Bicycles to celebrate Po Campo’s 5th birthday. I want to thank everyone for coming and sharing their photos (below). Also big thanks to Tiny Fireflies and Fruit Flies for the great music and Powell Brew House, Yum Dum food truck, Dandy Sweets for the food and drink. Also thank you to the heavens for stopping the rain right before the party started.

We’re looking forward to another great five years!

 Photo by: @YumDumTruck
 Photo by: @po_campo
 Photo by: @Sara Brammeier
 Photo by: @emma_made
 Photo by: @Starburstt
 Photo by: @redheadwiththread
 Photo by: @po_campo
 Photo by: @FruitFliesMusic
 Photo by: @Cicalista_AoVivo
 Photo by: @jenn___w
 Photo by: @LegacyFrames
 Photo by: @AnyOldActress

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