We Have a New Crossbody Bag!

This week has been dedicated to showing you all about our new Roscoe Crossbody bag! Staying true to our belief in limitless adventures, the crossbody is a perfect way to make sure you do this with style and ease. With plenty of pockets and compartments, no matter what the adventure, the Roscoe is always a good choice to bring along.

Whether you decide to spend the day sight-seeing, shopping, or spending the afternoon wandering, carry something along in the Roscoe that will fuel your adventure! One great feature is that you can now fit an iPad or tablet and still carry a compact bag. The best part is, even with the tablet inside there is still plenty of room for other day trip essentials to capture the thrill of your adventure like a camera, journal, or snack!

The best way to enjoy your day is to be handsfree. This way you won’t miss a minute of the exciting adventures that come your way knowing everything you need is an arms reach away. The extra security of having a crossbody by your side will reassure you won’t be held  back from the adventures you will encounter.
Pick out a Roscoe Crossbody for yourself!

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