Beer, bratwurst & bikes: My trip to Eurobike

I made my  maiden voyage to Eurobike this year, the world’s largest industry bike show. And, oh, the time I had!My official reason for going to Eurobike was to find an international distributor or two to get Po Campo in more places around the world. I was also interested to see what was going on in the bike scene in Europe and, lastly, and most selfishly, I wanted to go to Europe.

The trip got off to a rocky start when I missed my connecting flight to Zurich and had to be rerouted through Paris, adding another 8 hours onto my trip. I did get the chance to rest upon these funky modernist chaise lounges in Paris’ airport that were so comfortable I almost missed my next flight!


Lounges in Paris' Charles De Gaulle airport

After finally arriving in Zurich, I was disheartened to learn that Air France lost my luggage. I hopped on the next train to Bregenz, Austria, where I was staying for the week, hoping I’d have enough time to buy something to wear to the show the next day. Fortunately, I found this dress outside a boutique on the streets of Bregenz, Austria. It has the most darling little butterfly details and worked well with the scarf and sneakers I was already wearing. Mission accomplished!


My first souvenir, thanks to Air France

Do you like the apartment where I am staying? I used Airbnb and stayed in the spare room of a very tastefully appointed flat of an Austrian architect. Lake Constance, a large lake on the borders of Austria, Switzerland and Germany, was literally at the end of her street and cute cafes and shops abound. I highly recommend staying here if you ever find yourself in the area!


Lake Constance / Bodensee


My first meal, some kind of soup with beer


Apple orchards everywhere

Okay, enough of the touristy stuff. Off to Eurobike!

Po Campo is currently represented in Germany by USED Mobility Products. They have a great assortment of urban bikes and accessories. It was wonderful to be in such good company and to meet the owners of such great brands like Yuba bicycles, Carradice and Ally Capellino bags, Georgia in Dublin and XtraCycle. Personally, I think we had the best booth at the show. The most diverse and unique offering, anyway. But I suppose I’m biased!


USED Distribution Stand


The Po Campo section of the booth

To give you a taste of how different our stuff was from a lot of things at the show, check out this video from the much lauded fashion show. I went expecting that it would be similar to Momentum Magazine‘s popular fashion shows, but it was a lot different:

But not everything was so different. Beer and pizza (and sausages – it is Germany after all) were pretty easy to come upon. I particularly liked these booths that created unique environments for socializing:


Fun booths for hanging out in

…and of course no one can resist an Italian pizza truck.


Pizza truck!

Much to my surprise, I went to Eurobike thinking I’d be a lowly Chicago visitor but I kept bumping into people I knew. Small (bike) world after all!


Sian from Bobbin Bicycles


Georgia from Georgia in Dublin and Gosia from BikeBelle Poland

Incidentally, I was delighted to find out that our stand was adjacent to the Georgia in Dublin stand – I posted her YouTube video on our Facebook page not that long ago!

Maybe we’ll have to collaborate on a Fashion Show presentation next year – add some real style to that show!

Did any of you visit the show and what were your thoughts? I am going to be compiling some of my best finds from the show in a subsequent post, so stay tuned.

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