Cool Bike Lights for Dark Fall Nights

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You may have gotten used to those long summer evenings, but autumn is rolling in, bringing crisp winds, a growing plethora of pumpkin flavored products, and dark nights full of mystery and danger. The rest of it is great, but the danger you definitely want to avoid – especially when riding at night. Here are some super cool bike lights to keep you visible and safe as the season turns and your caramel apple cider awaits.


Cool bike lights - knog  Source: Knog

The USB Rechargeable:

The last thing you want to see when mounting your bike for a nighttime ride is a guttering light. Thanks to this USB rechargeable light, you can rest assured that your light is ready to go when you are. Plug it into any charging device with the built in USB and you’ll be ready to go in no time. A full charge can last for up to 50 hours, unmatched by any of our other cool bike lights.

Cool bike lights - generator light  Source: Peter White Cycles

The One that Powers Itself:

If you’re not worried about having the lightest bike, a generator light might be the right choice for you. Bicycle generators are the original of the cool bike lights, using the rotation of your wheels to produce the electricity needed to power a light, meaning the light only runs out of gas when you do. The Lumotec Eyc is one of the lighter models and still shines bright enough to keep you visible even on the darkest roads.

Cool bike lights - X-Fire  Source: The X- Fire


The One that Makes us Think We’re In The Future:

Recharging is a common theme among the newer cool bike lights. Another example, the laser lane bicycle light helps prevent biking injuries by projecting a bright red bike lane around the rider. Not only can this technology help prevent collisions by alerting drivers to riders in their blind spot, it can also reduce the risk of drivers turning or crossing lanes at an unsafe distance to the biker.

Cool Bike Lights - Monkeylectric  Source: MonkeyLectric

The Flashy Model:

Want something with a little flare that’s sure to get you noticed (by drivers, that is?) Monkeylectric offers these incredible wheel-mounted LED light systems that can project classic 8-bit graphics along with hundreds of color and pattern displays. The system runs on AAA batteries which can easily be replaced, but also works with rechargeable batteries for less waste If you’re worried about being invisible in the dark, this is definitely the light for you!

Safety is a critically important part of every bike ride, and never moreso than at night, when bikers are particularly prone to visibility problems. By making yourself unmistakably visible to motorists, you reduce the risk of injury and can encourage other riders to do the same. Of course, we won’t deny that the cool new technology of the lights above isn’t a great selling point, too!

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