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We love to tell you about the hottest, prettiest, and most innovative gear to make your healthy lifestyle even better. This week, we’re looking at some of the best yoga gear that will make your ocean breaths deeper, your asanas sweeter, and your yoga mindset hardier!


Best Yoga Gear - BromatSource: Brogamats

A Bag Good Enough to Eat:

Look, yoga suggests a healthy lifestyle, but that darn well doesn’t mean starving. Treat yourself during practice with the thought of your upcoming lunch thanks to the visual reminder of the burrito bag! Some of the best yoga gear can also be the most light-hearted. This mat-bag features a comfy cotton strap, interior pocket for keys and other necessities, and, oh yeah, did we mention it looks like a giant burrito? Brogamats also has what’s maybe our favorite new yoga tchochke- Yoga Joes! Check out their Kickstarter campaign to get your own set of these men ready to serve!

Best Yoga Gear - Midway Weekender Source: Po Campo

A Bag That Fits Your Practice:

Yoga bags often tend toward the duffel rather than the clutch, and that bulky gym look is something we aim to change at Po Campo. We’re excited to show you the Midway Weekender, a fantastic weekend bag that is a great multi-tasker. Not only is this vegan bag blessed with a large central compartment and a zippered bottom perfect for shoes, it also features front straps designed to hold a yoga mat. So who’s ready for a yoga retreat?

Best Yoga Gear - Yoga Mat Source: Plank

A Mat that Feels Like Home:

Hate leaving the comfort of your living room to exercise? Take a little bit of home with your with the Shag Yoga Mat from Plank. The mat looks like your hands pressed into a shag carpet. It’s also a great way to work on your form. You’ll always know right where to put your hands!

Best Yoga Gear - Yoga Mat Source: Anthropologie

A Mat That’s a Work of Art:

Want a mat that makes you feel ready to dive into A Whole New World? We adore this magic carpet-inspired yoga mat from Anthropologie, which features a pattern so beautiful you’ll be thrilled to roll it out for practice. This is a great gift for the true yoga enthusiast, who will surely appreciate an upgraded yoga basic.

Best Yoga Gear - Yoga Mat Source: Yoga Direct

A Mat that Keeps You Focused: 

If you love doing freestyle yoga without a set plan, this is the mat for you! Featuring 48 of the most popular yoga poses, you can pick and choose at will or follow a whole series, merely by looking at your mat. This is a great mat for beginners who are still getting used to the look of each pose.

Whether you’re a yoga newbie or an old hand, the right equipment can make a huge difference to your practice. We hope this yoga roundup will inspire you to seek out more yoga goods that speak to your personality as well as your practice!

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