3 Tips for Layering Outfits for Fall

The word on the street is out, and that word is “layering.” Frankly, we couldn’t be happier, as layering outfits is one of the most comfortable ways to be fashionable we can think of. Nevertheless, though layering can be cute on anyone, it can also go badly wrong and leave you looking like you’re Joey wearing ALL of Chandler’s clothes. Here’s a few quick tips to make you sweet as a layer cake!

Layering Outfits - Structure

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1) Layering Outfits: Pair Them with Something Structured

Too many soft layers can start to look sloppy fast, so the key is to balance the look with a single structured piece. Think of pairing a long, loose tank and a draped maxi skirt with a tailored velvet blazer, or a soft cardigan over a smooth silk shell with some red-hot leather pants below.

2) Layering Outfits: Don’t Make them Bland

Want to avoid looking like a sliding stack of pancakes? Skip layered outfits that are monochrome neutrals. Jewel-tones and prints are both big this year, so take advantage of them in your layered looks. Add a cute patterned mini over black tights, a fitted tee, and a big blazer, or layer in bright, catchy colors instead of the bland tans and olives that often dominate fall palettes. When layering outfits, you don’t need to go overboard with color and prints, but a little will go a long way!

3) Layering Outfits: Go Fitted on Either the Top or Bottom

You can quickly run into trouble when you start piling on leggings, skirts, and boots plus tanks, sweaters, and coats. One of the best ways to make the layering outfits trend figure-friendly is to add layers either to the top or the bottom, then keep the other half sleek and simple. Think of skinny ankle jeans and booties paired with a cashmere sweater and swing coat, or go the opposite way with a skirt layered over leggings and tall boots with a fitted, monochrome turtleneck.

We hope these tips will help you stay warm and cozy without ever worrying a bit about bulk. Remember, layering looks great on everyone when done correctly, and we like it best served with a warm cup of cocoa as the first chill of autumn sets in!

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