The Great Sunscreen Roundup

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By now, we’re sure you’ve heard everyone from your doctor to Oprah tell you how important sunscreen is to, you know, continuing to live and look pretty. While sunscreen should be an everyday part of your skincare routine, not all sunscreens are created alike! Gel versus lotion, SPF, price points, portability- these are all important questions in the great sunscreen debates. Well, never fear, we’ve got this skinny on the best sunscreens for your skin, your wallet, and your lifestyle! Here’s a quick roundup of our favorite sun-shielding products.


Best For Work-Outs: Banana Boat Sport Performance CoolZone Continuous Spray Sunscreen 

  Source: Banana Boat

Why We Love It: Not only does this formula have a high-enough SPF to keep you covered for a while, it’s got an added shot of menthol that makes re-applications when you’re working out feel like a breath of fresh air. The spray formula cuts down on grease and over-application, and it’s also paraben-free (which is great news in any product.) Best of all? You can find this major-sweat multitasker at drug stores for under $10.

Best For Breakout-Prone Skin: Neutrogena Clear Face Breakout-Free Liquid Lotion Sunblock


Source: Neutrogena

Why We Love It: You may be tempted to skip facial sunscreen if you know it all but guarantees waking up to a face full of blemishes the next day. Don’t you dare, shout the dermatologists of the world! Instead, rely on this non-pore clogging, fragrance-free facial sunscreen by neutrogena. Just like the Banana Boat model above, this version is paraben free, and is designed for sensitive skin. Get it for about $10 at any good drug store.

Best For On-The-Go Applications: Coppertone SPF 55 Sport Stick Sunscreen 


Source: Coppertone

Why We Love It: You know what doesn’t need to be covered in sunscreen? The inside of your bag. Yet, often, with messier lotions and gels, you find yourself with a very well-protected inner lining. For sun protection that won’t spill, opt for this sporty stick featuring a high SPF, broad spectrum protection, and a hypoallergenic formula. While it’s best for facial applications and small areas, this bargain priced stick (about $6) will become your skin and your bag’s new best friend.

Protecting your skin every day is important both for a healthy future and for avoiding permanent sun damage. With one of these three great products, you can finally make sunscreen a daily habit instead of an only-when-I’m-at-the-beach affair.

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