Be Our Star! Photo Contest Rules and FAQ

We can’t wait to see your photos!


How do I enter and how much time do I have?
Visit our Facebook page to enter. Entries are accepted through October 7 at noon.

What photos are you looking for?
We are looking for photos of the 6 bags we are going to make in 2014. 3 of these bags require photos on a bike (Using our standard attachment method, please! Attachment videos here) and the other 3 bags should be photographed worn on your person.

On bike photos:
1. Six Corners Handlebar Bag in Umber, Minty Fanfare, Yellow Feathers or Sky Stripes
2. Logan Trunk Bag in Umber, Yellow Feathers or Sky Stripes
3. Loop Pannier in Umber only

On person photos:
4. Roscoe Crossbody in Umber or Sky Stripes
5. Pilsen Bungee Handbag in Umber, Minty Fanfare, Yellow Feathers or Sky Stripes
6. Midway Weekender in Umber or Sky Stripes

What image size do you need?
Images must be at least 900px wide and 1200px high

How many people win and what do they get?
There will be one first place winner for each bag style (see which six bags above). These 6 First Place winners will be featured on the cover of our product tags 2014. Additionally, First Place winners will receive a $250 gift certificate to

Second and Third place winners for each bag style will also be selected, who will receive $100 and $50 gift certificates, respectively.

Can I submit photos through Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest?
Yes! Just tag with #PoCampoStar

Does someone have to be in the photo?
Yes! We think you’re cool and want the world to see you.

Can there be more than one person in the photo?
Totally! As long as the bag is still prominently visible.

Can I enter more than one photo?
Yes! Enter as many as you like.

Can men enter the contest?

Where’s the fine print?
Read our Terms and Conditions PDF here.

Can you give us some guidance? What kind of photos are you looking for?
We are looking for two things:
1. Location! Give us a sense of where you live and where you use your bag.
2. Styling! Give us a sense of your personal style and how Po Campo bags complement your look.

See below for some of our favorite customer photos for inspiration:

Good luck!

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