Stylish Bike Helmets (Of Course They Exist!)

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Just because biking helmets are practical and even life-saving doesn’t mean their usefulness ends at keeping your head in one piece! Thanks to the endlessly innovative minds of smart designers, there are now a variety of stylish bike helmets that show off your personality while protecting your noggin. Here’s a few we’re absolutely crazy about:


The Sparkler:

Stylish Bike Helmets - Nutcase  Source: Nutcase Helmets

Sure, it’s helpful for visibility when bike helmets have reflective strips, but what if you want just a little more shine in your life? Then opt for this not-going-to-be-missed-by-anyone-in-a-crowd silver sparkle helmet by Nutcase. In addition to featuring cutting edge technology to keep you safe and comfort-increasing features like chin pads and a magnetic buckle, the shimmering style simply cannot be dismissed. There's more where this came from too, check out their site to see the full array of stylish bike helmets on offer.

The Helmet that Deserves a “Meow”:

Stylish Bike Helmets - Belle  Source: Belle Helmets

Listen up out there, dog lovers, some of us don’t want your smelly Fidos and we’re loud and proud about it! This gorgeous, hand-painted model by Belle Helmets features three black cats that remind us of the classic Art Nouveau Chat Noir paintings, while the speckled dark yell background gives the whole thing an urban, gritty feel. Altogether, this playful helmet offers maximum sophisticated style, n’est pas?

The Helmet of a Different Color:

Stylish Bike Helmets - Lazer  Source: Lazer

You’re a bit of a throwback to the groovy 70s, when summers were long and men’s shorts ridiculously short. Here’s a helmet that will get your disco heart pumping, a gorgeous rainbow model by Lazer. We love its simple design and throwback iconography- for some reason, this is making us want a glass of white zinfandel and a perm, stat. 

The Hat-Met:

Stylish Bike Helmets - Bandbox  Source: Bandbox

Helmet’s just aren’t your thing, but safety first, of course. At long last, those of you more comfortable at a haberdashery than a sporting goods store have your chance to shine, with the incredible helmet covers by Bandbox. In ridiculously awesome classic styles ranging from 1920s cloches to island-inspired Panamas, these varible helmet covers (or hat-mets, as we’re just going to call them from now on) slip over the basic Bandbox helmet and will keep you incredibly stylish year round.

Whether it’s showcasing your natural shimmer, paying homage to your favorite pet, or reveling in your “Midnight in Paris” throwback fantasy, there’s just no reason for a boring bike helmet anymore. Now go forth, and bike with flair, friends!

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