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With mid-May being National Bike Month, Small Business Week, and NYCxDesign, it feels like this time of year is made for me personally. After spending several days visiting galleries, exhibits and design pop-ups across New York City, I'm excited to share some of my finds from NYCxDesign, otherwise known as New York design week.

One of the most common comments I get about the design of Po Campo bags is that they are so functional. It's true that I dearly love things with dual purpose, and I was delighted to find other examples during NYCxDesign.

NYC is notorious for its tiny apartments, so it should be no surprise to see collapsible furniture as a reoccurring theme in NYCxDesign. I particularly loved this murphy bed as part of Brooklyn's own furniture designer Roberto Gil of Casa Kids.

NYCxDesign - Casa Kids

Resource Furniture is another designer of incredibly space-saving furniture. Their slogan is how to make 300sf function like 600sf, and after watching their video, you'll probably start rethinking your own space.

It's always fun to discover something new to the world, and I found it with the first folding chair with lumbar support. Made by Rock Paper Robot, this elegant solution for a comfortable folding chair featured a folding base with wood panels.


Speaking of big city storage issues, I got to take a peek at Cycloc's latest solutions for storing your bike with style. I also bonded with the founder and designer Andrew Lang about the joys of combining the love of bicycling and designing into a company.

NYCxDesign - Cicloc Solo

NYCxDesign - Cycloc Hero

Bicycling wasn't the only evidence of healthy and active lifestyles at the show. I particularly liked this Wallpaper* Handmade collaboration between Visibility, a NYC-based industrial design studio, and activewear brand Outdoor Voices

NYCxDesign - Outdoor Voices and Visibility

The natural wood, cork and felt materials in the yoga collection is the perfect segue to a piece that truly made me swoon. The Plant-In City is a collaboration between architects, designers, and technologists who are building new ways of interacting with nature. 

NYCxDesign - Plant-In City 

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