Nonprofit Partnership: Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC)

Po Campo is proud to be partnering with Chicago's Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) to raise funds for their Women in Manufacturing Program (WMP). From June 1-5, we'll be donating 50% of the sales from select bags to JARC! 

Use coupon code JARC for 10% off all bags in the JARC Special Collection. Additionally, each purchase gets you one half-price ticket to their 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Shop the special collection now, and keep reading to learn more about Jane Addams Resource Corporation's Women in Manufacturing Program, and why it matters to us.

About JARC and their Women in Manufacturing Program

The Jane Addams Resource Corporation promotes strong communities, businesses and households to ensure that people who work do not live in poverty.

JARC provides high quality skills training and support services to help lower-income and unemployed workers achieve self-sufficiency.  This includes job training programs that target strategic skills gaps in the manufacturing, such as CNC machinist and welding.

After recognizing that women were struggling to get the training needed to qualify for skilled manufacturing jobs with higher pay and greater stability, JARC devise the Women in Manufacturing Program (WMP). Designed for working female heads of household, the program offers the same curriculum as their traditional welding classes, but also offers wrap-around support services are customized to meet the needs of this demographic. 

About JARC's 30th Anniversary Celebration

We're delighted to time this promotion leading up to JARC's 30th Anniversary Celebration! Every purchase of a Po Campo bag from the JARC Special Collection gives you a half price ticket to the event.


Why We're Partnering with JARC

Our founder Maria Boustead's background is industrial design and she still identifies with being a "maker". Since 1985, JARC has been devoted to retaining manufacturing and industrial businesses in our Ravenswood Industrial Corridor, helping keep Chicago as a city that makes things.

Secondly, their WMP program helps women get access to better jobs in the manufacturing sector by offering training and key support services. We always like programs that help women find their way to stable jobs that pay better.

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