3 LGBTQ+ Biking Organizations Making a Difference

Happy Pride Month, cyclists! June is a time to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities and reflect on the progress made toward equality, as well as the work that still needs to be done. This year, we're shining a light on three LGBTQ+ biking organizations doing great work to support cycling communities.



Based in New York City, OutCycling is an LGBTQ+ biking organization that promotes the physical and emotional health benefits of cycling for everyone, regardless of individual skill level or ability.

Check out their event calendar to find community rides scheduled for most weekends from April to October! OutCycling also hosts an annual Pride Ride with routes between 30-100 miles, so there's something for all fitness levels.

In addition to inclusive group rides, OutCycling offers programming to support LGBTQ+ youth (aged 16-25) in NYC. Geared to fight isolation with physical activity, OutCycling's Fearless Flyer program includes 10 weeks of training with:

  • Opportunity to develop cycling skills
  • Opportunity to gain social & leadership skills
  • Safety training with Bike NY and the NYC DOT
  • A bike, helmet, and lock for graduates who complete the program!

Through our ongoing partnership with ShoppingGives, this month we will donate 1% of every Po Campo purchase to OutCycling.



RIDE Group

In 2021, elite cyclist and trans rights activist Molly Cameron launched RIDE (Riders Inspiring Diversity & Equality) Group as an educational resource to create a more inclusive culture in the cycling industry.

Given recent legislation prohibiting transgender youth from competing in organized sports, the existence of LGBTQ+ biking organizations with missions like RIDE Group's is more important than ever. Molly Cameron notes:

“I am doing this work so those that come after me can simply be themselves without facing the discrimination that I dealt with over three decades in sport and business. Let me take the heat now so that others don’t have to.”

RIDE Group is working to improve the experience of LGBTQ+ individuals in the cycling community by:

  • Serving as a confidential point of contact for the LGBTQ+ community to engage with the biking industry
  • Acting as an educational resource for outdoor industries to improve  awareness, inclusion, and representation for marginalized communities



Radical Adventure Riders

Since 2017, Radical Adventure Riders has developed programming to support FTWN-B (femme, transgender, woman, non-binary) and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, person of color) individuals in the cycling community.

Their programming and resources include:

  • Annual SJ Brooks Scholarship: In 2021, Radical Adventure Riders provided scholarships to 20 recipients, who received $666-$2k cash stipends, 3 new e-bikes from Specialized Bikes, 1 gravel bike with bike-packing bags from Corvid Cycles, 1 gravel bike from Crust Bikes, and 10 gear packages valued at $800 each.

  • Local Chapters: Currently, there are currently 11 RAR chapters providing support to local BIPOC and FTWN-B cyclists in: Atlanta, Bay Area, Cleveland, Finger Lakes, Madison, New Haven, Philadelphia, Reno, Richmond, Salt Lake City, and Santa Fe.

  • Get Rad Publication: An annual publication that provides a platform to change the way BIPOC and FTWN-B individuals are depicted and represented in the cycling and outdoor communities.

  • Cycling Industry Pledge: RAR's Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP) works to hold companies accountable to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cycling community. In 2021, 160 businesses committed to the pledge.

  • Job Board: Digital job listings geared to increase hiring for BIPOC and FTWN-B individuals in the cycling industries. 

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it’s important to recognize and applaud the organizations that are making a difference for LGBTQ+ cyclists. We hope you’ll check out these three amazing groups and show your support! What are your favorite biking organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community?

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