Fan Photo Contest: June

Our May winner is Debra from Michigan. You can get to know her a little bit better through the Q+A below. Thanks, Debra!

Each month we will be choosing our favorite Po Campo fan photo to display on the blog. We see all of your beautiful pictures on Instagram, but if there are photos you’ve taken with your Po Campo bag that you haven’t posted online, feel free to send them our way! You can email your fan photos to or tag your photos with #pocampo for a chance to win a FREE PO CAMPO BAG.

Photographer:  Susan Findlay


1. Tell us a bit about your hometown. Where do you insist on taking out of town guests? I take all of my out of town guests to our beautiful beaches here in Western  Michigan.  The sandy beaches here are some of the best you'll find in the U.S.  Known for its white, sugary sand, no rocks......nothing like the rocky beaches in Wisconsin.  Take a walk out to the lighthouse (about a 1/4 mile ) and view the sailboats and magnificence of Lake Michigan.
In the winter another great spot to visit is our Muskegon Winter Sports Complex featuring Olympic class luge, (one of only four luge tracks that exist in the United States) ice skating and lighted cross country skiing. 
2. Where is your favorite place to take your Po Campo  I take my Po Campo bag everywhere.  My favorite place to bike is our Lakeshore Trail that offers a non motorized trail for biking and hiking about 12 miles throughout. I get compliments on my Po Campo bag wherever I go.
3. What are your favorite movies? I have many favorite movies but The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds was one that was a favorite due to the chemistry between these two which helped earn this movie the highest romantic comedy of 2009.
4.  Have any pets? Tell us about them! We have three Brittanys. Our latest one is Riley, featured in the photo above at two months old.  Riley is the son of our female Nell.  We also have a ten year old male named AJ. Three Brittanys keep us very busy.  AJ and Nell are big hunters and love their annual trip to South Dakota to pheasant hunt.  Hopefully, Riley will get to join them this October for his first trip!
5. How do you practice self care? Exercising and eating healthy are part of my daily life.  Going to the gym at least five times a week and eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, zero red meat help keep me healthy.
This is my second season of growing many varieties of gourmet lettuces, various vegetables and herbs on my Tower Garden.
6. If you could be amazing at playing any one instrument, which would you pick? Or, if you could wake up fluent in any language, which would it be?  I would love to learn how to play the piano and German by far is the language I would love to speak fluently. Our family was a billet family to a hockey player from Cologne, Germany and his family has visited and being to speak fluent German while here would of been a plus!  Our player was recently drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins!  Go Freddy!!
7. Go to Karaoke song? I'm too shy to get up and sing but if I had a few glasses of wine and a decent voice I would definitely sing something by Fleetwood Mac.

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