I Asked Stitch Fix for Bike Friendly Clothing, and This is What They Sent Me

Stitch Fix is "a personal styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle to help you look and feel your best every day". So, what happens when you specify that you need bike friendly clothing? That's what I asked for, and this is what they sent me.

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Image source: Stitch Fix

Confession: I don't like clothes shopping. It's just one of those things that everybody seems to enjoy waaaay more than me. When a friend posted a link to Stitch Fix on Facebook, claiming that she finally found a way to refresh her wardrobe without having to go shopping, I was intrigued, and decided to give it a shot.

When creating an account on Stitch Fix, you start by sharing your measurements and taking a style quiz so that they can pick out things that hopefully you will like in a price range you are looking to spend. I left additional comments about needing bike friendly clothing that didn't look too "bike-y", because I often bike to meetings where I need to look like the capable, trustworthy, and professional entrepreneur that I am. 

So what did they send me?

Bike Friendly Clothing from Stitch Fix - Box

I scheduled my first "Fix" and it came in a nice box with the stylist's selections neatly wrapped in tissue paper. There was a card included, with a note from my stylist Kasey, who complimented me on my cute bike bags (awww, thanks!), and wrote about why she thought these items fit the bill for bike friendly clothing.

Bike Friendly Clothing from Stitch Fix - Styling suggestions

This handy card gives styling ideas for each of the pieces. I mentioned that I liked versatile items that can be dressed up or down, and I really appreciated how these styling suggestions visualized that for me. 

Stitch Fix outfits with Logan Trunk bag in Umber

Stitch Fix tops with Logan Bike Trunk Bag in Umber Waxed Canvas

I tried on the first two tops with the shorts that I was wearing that day. The V-neck blouse on the left is perfect for biking on hot days. It is airy and lightweight (I could hardly tell I had anything on) and the dark color hides sweat marks. The striped top on the right is a heavier knit, but I also say it qualifies for bike friendly clothing because it is loose in the armpits, giving me extra movability and breathability there. Nice job Kasey!

Stitch Fix Outfits with Loop Pannier

Stitch Fix outfits with Loop Pannier in Black Waxed Canvas

My Fix also contained black  skinny pants. At first I was skeptical about these as I am pretty devoted to my Levi's Commuter Skinny Jeans, but these were so super stretchy and comfortable that I felt like I could do cartwheels or sleep in them. Plus, they were very flattering! The fit and stretchiness of this garment definitely give it points for bike friendly clothing, but the jury is still out on whether they can withstand the extra stress of being in the saddle.

On the left, you see that same striped top from above, this time looking more professional with the skinny pant. I was also sent the colorblock sleeveless blouse (right photo) which was probably the piece that I felt least sure about. The emerald and indigo jewel tones are gorgeous, but the fabric is polyester, which usually makes me sweat more, and its care instructions require hand-washing, which, let's be honest here, I am unlikely to do.

Stitch Fix dress with Pilsen Bungee Bag

Stitch Fix dress with Pilsen Crossbody Bag in Umber

Each Fix comes with five pieces, so if you're keeping count, I had one more garment to try on. And it turned out to be my favorite! This striped dress is made of oh-so-soft cotton, lightweight, with just enough "swish" in the skirt to provide great biking movability without being too loose that you end up flashing everyone when there is a sudden gust of wind. In short, it had everything I look for when I look for bike friendly summer dresses. (Wondering how to determine if a skirt/dress is good for biking in? Watch the video of my 3-question test).

With Stitch Fix, you only pay for what you keep. There is a prepaid envelope included in the box to send back anything you don't want. If you decide to keep all five pieces (which I did), you get an extra 25% off your bill. 

Conclusion: I thought this whole process was really fun and will definitely keep using it to replenish my wardrobe seasonally. The price was about the same as what I spend for new clothing anyway and I thought the stylist did a great job of choosing bike friendly clothing for me.

Interested in giving it a try? Sign up here.

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