How to Wear the Floral Trend through Summer and Fall

It's not too late to rock this year's floral trend! Our styling suggestions will help you don your daisies and look pretty in your poppies without having to give it much effort.

Go Big or Go Home

Floral Trend - Bold floral dress

Cultural Adornments on Etsy ($288)

The most conspicuous of 2015’s floral trend is the bold floral print. While very eye-catching, on-trend and summery, the risk is that it can look dated when 2016 rolls around. When shopping, choose a timeless silhouette that looks great with your figure, as clothes that fit you well don’t go out of style. Also remember that a little goes a long way: One bold floral dress is probably enough. 

Floral Trend - Accessories Bucketfeet Blue East shoes ($69), Lands End Canopy Botanical Scarf ($29), Po Campo Logan Trunk Bag ($80)

Another way to rock the bold floral trend is to wear it on your accessories, like scarves, bags or even shoes. Of course we think the Po Campo Petals print is great in this scenario, available in the clutch-sized Six Corners Crossbody bag / Handlebar bag and its larger tote bag sister, the Logan Trunk Bag.

Mixing Floral Prints

Floral Trends - Mixing Floral Prints

Fashion image + Six Corners Handlebar Bag ($40)

Once you feel confident with your flower power, it is time to try pairing floral prints with each other. This is a great way to get extra mileage out of the floral trend by giving your floral pants, skirts and tops a different look by presenting them in an unexpected way.

The trick with combining two or more floral prints is to keep the size and style of the print the same. Small and dainty floral prints go with small and dainty floral prints and big and bold goes with big and bold. This is also true with your accessories. Capice? 

Floral Trend + Pattern

Floral trend - Mixing Stripes and Florals

Po Campo Midway Weekender ($95) and Anthropologie Watermark cardigan ($138)

On one side of the spectrum you have bold flowers and floral-on-floral extreme, on the other side you have floral prints paired with a solid tone to help balance it out. But what’s in the middle? Floral prints plus a versatile print like polka dots or stripes.

Floral Trends - Mixing Patterns

(Image source)

When pairing florals with another print, it’s best to go monotone with the paired print to keep it from becoming too overwhelming. Some floral summer dresses make it even easier for you by coming this way straight out of the box. Of course, another way to accomplish this look is to combine a floral print dress with a striped handbag, or vice versa. Here are some of our favorites for this particular take on the floral trend.

Floral Trends - Mixing floral prints with stripes

Floral print shorts with Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag ($40)

Take the Floral Trend Into Fall

Floral Trend - Autumn

(Image source)

The floral trend is usually thought of as something for spring and summer, but it's easy to wear the pieces into fall with the right accessories. For example, top your summer floral dress with a bright sweater or cardigan, and cover your legs with tights and boots. With all the leaves changing colors in fall, your bright floral print will fit right in.

Have fun with this year's floral trend! 

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