4 Reasons Why Fall is Good for Your Health

Happy Autumnal Equinox! We think of fall as the season of brilliant colors, cozy sweaters, hayrides and pumpkin spice everything, but the season can be good for our health too! Here are four reasons why fall is good for your health, in case you needed a reason to love this season even more:

1. New Exercise Opportunities

Apple Picking is Good for Your Health

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We at Po Campo like to do our cardiovascular exercise and strength training through everyday activities like bicycling and carrying cardboard boxes up and down stairs. One way that fall is good for your health is that the season is full of new “exercises” that are fun and easy to do. Raking the leaves? Burn more than 100 calories for 25 minutes. Hoisting up a bunch of pumpkins at the farmer’s market? That’s better than kettle balls at the gym. Apple picking? Between the lifting and plucking and basket carrying, you’ll burn about 200 calories each hour.

2. In Season Fruits and Vegetables

Fall is Good for Your Health = Pumpkins

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Sure, the bounty of spring and summer is pretty awesome, but autumn has some great fruits and veggies too. Fiber-rich apples are finally in-season; colorful pumpkins and sweet potatoes are full of Vitamin E. And don’t forget figs, with their high levels of fiber and potassium! Can't beat a trip to the farmer's market to show you how fall is good for your health from strictly a fresh-produce perspective.

3. Cooler Temperatures = Comfortable Outdoor Activities

 Fall is Good for Your Health - Bike riding

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Now, this one may be up for debate as something to celebrate, as many people thrive on steamy summer temperatures. Yet, if you’re a lover of bike rides and jogging outdoors, you know that these activities (and many others) are much more comfortable when you don’t have to worry about over heating. Take advantage of this first month of autumn to get outdoors, before the temperature drops even cooler and pushes us back inside.

4. Hot Beverages Sound Good Again

Fall is Good for your health: green tea

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It’s hard to fathom sipping on a cup of hot tea with temperatures soaring into the 90˚s during the summer, but nothing sounds better when fall air turns crisp and cool. Green tea is a great example of a hot drink high in antioxidants that help our bodies fight against cell-damaging free radicals. Of course, hot beverages like hot apple cider and hot cocoa also return to the menu, but be careful of the high sugar content of some of those.

Are there any reasons why fall is good for your health that we missed? Please leave them in the comments. And enjoy this amazing season! We know we will.

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