Indoor Bike Storage Ideas for Mixte and Step-Thru Bike Frames

For those of us living in small urban apartments, indoor bike storage is always an issue. There are a lot of products out there, but attractive and compatible with mixte and step-thru bike frames? Not so much. If you're on the hunt for cool indoor bike storage options that match your decor and work with all bike frames, look no further.

Indoor Bike Storage

An example of cool looking but indoor bike storage that doesn't work with all bike frames. (Image source)

I'm writing this post from a sincere place, because I recently moved into a new apartment with abundant vintage details but a serious lack of storage space. My specific needs are:

  • Accommodates my Soma Buena Vista mixte bike frame
  • Fits two bikes (for mine and my husband's)
  • Easy to use, because I don't want some complicated storage contraption to become a deterrent to hopping on my bike for everyday rides.

Here's what I found:

1. Bike Shelf

As a self-confessed bookworm, the book shelf/bike rack combos out there seem made just for me. Regretfully, most rely on the straight top tube of a diamond frame to work properly, excluding those of us with mixte and step-through frames to take advantage of this handsome indoor bike storage solution.

Indoor Bike Storage - Bike Shelf

Board By Design's "The Bike All" Bike Shelf

Fortunately, Board by Design created The Bike All ($280), a shelf that hangs the bike by its saddle, making it suitable for virtually all bicycle styles. This gorgeous handmade item holds your bike, and also has hooks for holding your helmet or Po Campo bike bag, and even a slot to use the shelf to charge your phone once you get home.

Indoor Bike Storage - Bike All Bike Shelf Details

Details of The Bike All Indoor Bike Storage Shelf

2. Bike Hook 

Depending on your space's configuration, storing a bike vertically can take less space that storing it horizontally. If that's the case with your space, Cycloc's Endo Bike Hook (£39.95) is an excellent option for indoor bike storage. 

Indoor Bike Storage - Bike Hook

Cycloc's Endo Bike Hook

The Endo comes with a hook that conveniently folds flat when not in use, so you don't have to worry about poking your eye out when running down the hall. It's also a considerate product, coming with a rubber pad for the bottom wheel so you don't have to worry about getting your wall dirty.

Indoor Bike Storage - Endo Wall Hook

Detail of Endo Wall Hook

3. Bike Pulley System

The thought of hanging a bike from a ceiling or under a staircase seems like a great way to maximize unused space, but how does one exactly get her bike up and down from that space very easily? Fortunately, I discovered two pulley systems that would make this possible ­– and quite possibly fun as well.

Indoor Bike Storage - Bike Pulley

(image source) 

One option is the TransIt Bicycle Hoist ($49.99) that hangs your bike right side up with two hooks that fasten to your handlebars and your bike seat. According to the reviews, it looks easy to install and use, and would be fun to show off to visitors as well.

Indoor Bike Storage - TransIt Bike Pulley

TransIt Bicycle Hoist

Yet, even more impressive is the Floaterhoist ($99.95) which stores your bike on your ceiling horizontally. Ceiling space maximized and mind blown. The only drawback with the Floaterhoist is that ugly black brace that you affix to your ceiling, but a coat of white spray paint (or some other attractive accent color) would sort that out.

Indoor Bike Storage - FloaterhoistFloaterhoist Bike Pulley

4. Freestanding Bicycle Stand 

So far all of these indoor bike storage solutions are for one bicycle. So yes, I could get two of them for the two bikes that I need to store, but an ideal indoor bike storage solution would accommodate two bikes from the get-go. 

Indoor Bike Storage - Freestanding

(Image source)

One option for a freestanding indoor bike storage system that I could actually picture putting in my own home, style-wise, is the unfortunately named "The Hottie" ($259.99) from Saris. It boasts a small footprint (yay!), adjustable and cushioned arms to hold your bicycles, and a little shelf for your random bike accessories. The bike cradles will work with a mixte frame but not a sloped step-thru frame. For that you will need to buy a Saris Bike Beam ($36.99), which adds a virtual top tube to your bike, which may be a little tedious to use day after day.

5. Lean-to Bicycle Stand

One last option to consider for indoor bike storage is what I will call "lean-to bicycle stand". No holes in your wall, and easy to move if need be, the Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand ($75) is our pick for this category.

Indoor Bike Storage - Wall storage system

Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

The adjustable arms make it easy to hang all bikes regardless of frame style, and the simple style and modern silver coating goes with most decor.


After all this research, it will be difficult for me to pick which style of indoor bike storage I want in my new home. What's your favorite? Did I leave out any other options? Leave your picks in the comments below.

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  • Brandi

    You list lots of great options. I’m also on the hunt for a bike rack for my two bikes, a mixte & a Dutch Omafiets. The “problem” is my Dutch bike. She weighs approx 60 pounds so finding an option that will support her and another bike has been a struggle. I’m considering the Michaelangelo and only using the top hooks and letting my heavy bike sit on the floor. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

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