9 great ways to use that bandana while biking

ICYMI, for Po Campo’s 10th anniversary celebration, we gave out bandanas
with our logo, and I was thrilled, because a bandana is my favorite bike tool.
You might think I’m just good at accessorizing for my ride, but it’s actually
super useful, along with being lightweight and easy to just throw in the bag.

This is a guest post from @HanaKyle of www.hanakyle.com

Here are the ways I have used a bandana over the past decade of bike
commuting in NYC and touring beyond:

1. Tied around my wrist

Tied around my wrist to easily wipe the sweat from my eyes. (Summer’s been HOT!)

2. Tied around my neck

with the triangle pointing down my back, to cover the back of my neck from the bright sun and a potential sunburn.

3. Tied around my shin

just below my knee, because riding for 8 hours a day in one direction across the whole state of Iowa for RAGBRAI meant that one side of the body was exposed to the sun much more than the other, and the darnedest places get burned! Who thinks about their shins?


4. For wiping my hands

after touching my chain to put it back in place when it falls off.

Photo courtesy of Nanci Gasiel



5. Better yet, as a barrier between my hand and my chain

a smooth move! Clean hands FTW!


6. Tied around my neck

for when Im riding past a street cleaner or garbage truck so I can quickly pull it up over my nose for dust and odor protection.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Paananen


7. For drying my bike seat

after it rains and I need to get back in the saddle, sans wet butt.


8. Tied around my neck

to keep my neck warm from the cool fall breeze at night. (Fall is coming!)


Photo Courtesy of Kelly Paananen

9. Ok, I’ve never done this but you might like it:

tie it around your forehead to act as a sweatband, between head and helmet.

What are your favorite uses for a bandana? Tag @pocampobags on Instagram and use our hashtag #coolbikeaccesory to share your favorite way to utilize a
bandana during your commute or bicycle adventure!

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