5 Clever and Practical Stocking Stuffers

Do you love 2-in-1, clever and practical stocking stuffers as much as we do? We found five stocking stuffer ideas under $20 that are sure to delight. Do not let a stocking go without one of these!

Practical Stocking Stuffer: Hairclip

Clippa Mini Tools Hair Clip ($10)

The handy little Clippa hair clip is much more than just what meets the eye. It's also two screwdrivers, a wrench, ruler and a little saw. A multi functional hair clip that doubles as a toolbox on the go!

Practical Stocking Stuffer: Reflector Pins

Po Campo Reflector Pins (2 for $10)

Good luck trying to find another piece of flair that reflects light as well as our Po Campo Reflector Pins. For the biker or jogger in your life, these pins will help her get noticed at night. In a good way!

Practical Stocking Stuffers: Art Set

Hypotrochoid Art Set ($9)

Some may just dismiss it as doodling, but this mini Hypotrochoid Art Set is the perfect combination of art and math. And a good vocabulary builder too, as a hypotrochoid is the mathematical term for a line traced by a fixed point in a circle rolling around a bigger circle. 

Practical Stocking Stuffers: Qlipter

The Qlipter Super Clip ($20)

The Qlipter is a seriously handy tool, combining the functionality of a carabiner with a rotating hook. From hanging gear to keeping bags off the ground to securing things together, there are hundreds of uses for this hybrid hook-clip.

Practical Stocking Stuffers: Tapi

Tapi by Dreamfarm ($6)

Tapi is a clever product converts your faucet into a drinking fountain. Just attach it to your tap and squeeze it close when you want to redirect the water into a fountain for a drink. Made of water safe rubber that won't affect the taste, and available in a bunch of colors.


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