5 New Workouts to Try in 2016

Hoping to get more exercise in 2016 but can’t get excited about going to the gym or biking/running outside in sub-zero temperatures? We don’t blame you. So why not try on of these new workouts to shake things up? Some will be sure to pique your interest.

1. Tap Dancing

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We became smitten with tap dancing after seeing Michelle Dorrance on the Late Show. It looked so fun, and like such great exercise!

Like many types of dancing, tap dancing provides a good cardio workout, but also strengthens your core, builds your bones, and increases your sense of balance. Studies have even shown that the rhythmic aspects of tap dancing are good for the brain.


2. Pound Fitness

New Workouts: Pound Fitness

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Pound is a full-body cardio workout that uses lightly weighted “drumsticks” to combine music and fitness. Each class fuses different movements with simulated drumming to build muscle, burn calories, and get your sense of rhythm perfectly syncopated. Available at gyms across the country.


3. Rowing

New Workouts: Rowing(Image Source)

If you’re looking for an alternative to your spin class, try swapping it out for rowing. Boutique rowing studios are popping up nationwide, and even Claire Underwood on House of Cards did it to burn off her frustration.

New Workouts: Rowing

Why? Rowing might just be the most efficient exercise ever. Seriously, when done correctly, pretty much every part of the body is used with every stroke, and it burns two to three times as many calories as spinning.

Plus, you’ll be a kayaking pro when summer rolls around. 


4. Boxing

New Workouts: Boxing(Image source)

Not just for pounding out your frustrations (although probably good for that too), 2016 might the year that you want to look at boxing as a new element of your fitness plan. Not only is it a full-body workout, but the training also strengthens your joints and builds bone mass. The combative nature of the sport has psychological benefits too.

According to Jonathan Fader, a sports psychologist, boxing is “…super helpful for women to overcome whatever adversity they’re facing. There’s even a benefit when you’re defeated – if you have the resilience to overcome that defeat because so much of life in anything we pursue is about how we come back”. Ain’t that the truth! 


5. Flying Trapeze

New Workouts: Trapeze

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Our last new work-out idea is one that will make your spirit soar. Sure, flying trapeze is great for building arm and core strength and is easy on your knees, making it suitable for middle-lifers. But the best benefit may be the feeling of confidence you get from pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. As one participant told it: "Trapeze is symbolic of things out of reach and you find your way to get up. You're moving up and there's a bar, you can get on it and then you're able to reach above it." Had a rough and tumble 2015? Then this might be the activity for you to try this new year.


What are some of your favorite fitness activities that we missed? Please leave them in the comments below.

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