All About the Market Belt Bag

The Market Belt Bag is our newest edition to Po Campo. It is the smallest bag yet but it still has room for your most important items. If this peaks your interest, keep reading to hear all the details!

When thinking about what my next design would be, I thought about having a bag that was would be of course bike user friendly, but also one for people who may only want to carry the essentials, like your phone, wallet and sunglasses. My idea was to create a bag that was slightly smaller than the Kinga Handlebar Bag and still leave bikers hands-free and as all Po Campo bags, comfortable. 

Features and Design

The Market Belt Bag has one exterior pocket, a detachable waist strap, a reflective stripe on the front and is made with vegan fabrics.

The bag currently comes in three different colors, black- for people who like to keep it simple and classic, and we have mosaic for those who like color and design and the bag also comes in our newest pattern bubbles. 


 The Market Belt bag is compact fanny pack that has an adjustable belt that allows the bag to be worn as a hip bag or over the shoulder bag. The waist strap is removable which allows for the bag to be attached to your own belt as well. It is perfect for a quick store run or a day long outdoor adventure.



Easy to Access

This compact bag makes it easy for you to access your items without having to get off your bike. All your items are comfortably tucked away right around your waist.

Now that you've read all the details... Want one yet? Shop our new selection now!

I'm interested in your feedback! Please leave your comments about what you like and what you'd like to see in the next edition below.


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