Are You Ready for 30 Days of Biking?

Kick off the biking season by taking the pledge to bike (at least a little bit) on each day of April, and share your adventures online using hashtag #30DaysOfBiking. Read this blog post for some history, ideas for rides, and checking to make sure you and your bike are ready for the month.

30 Days of Biking Spoke Card

30 Days of Bike Spoke Card

30 Days of Biking - A Community of Joyful Cyclists

30 Days of Biking started in Minneapolis in 2010 as a pledge between friends Patrick Stephenson and Zach Schaap to bike every day in April.  

Starting with a hashtag, the idea quickly grew, with people in Minneapolis and all over the world taking part each year. Take the pledge here, use hashtag #30daysofbiking to share your rides, and join the Community of Joyful Cyclists facebook group to meet other, well, joyful cyclists.

The organizers have seen that 30 Days of Biking can change your life. But it can also change the lives of others. This year, they have the incredible opportunity to fund bicycles for an entire school in Zambia through World Bicycle Relief, an organization the Po Campo has also supported for years. Learn how you can contribute to their fundraising goal of $30,000.

30 Days of Biking

Ideas for Rides During April

First it is important to explain 30 Days of Biking is not about riding long distances or burning calories, it's simply about getting in the saddle and pedaling.  Riding around the block - or even down your driveway and back - is enough. April can bring all sorts of weather, from sunny spring-like days to snowstorms, so keep in mind that it doesn't take much to fulfill your pledge.

But for days that do lure you out to ride more, here are some ideas for bike rides during April:

Ride with the Joyful Riders Club
If you're lucky enough to be based in Minneapolis, the Joyful Riders Club plans group rides throughout April, many of which involve doughnuts. Visit the 30 Days of Biking website for more details.

Visit Your Local Listings for Rides
Not in Minneapolis but want to participate in some group rides? Group bike rides are a great way to meet new people with a shared interest. Search for bike rides on Eventbrite or on Facebook Events and see what pops up. Local bike advocacy groups and local bike shops are also great places to learn about community bike rides for people of biking levels.

Run an Errand By Bike
Most group bike rides are on weekends, so during the week, try running one of your errands by bike to see if you can find a good bike route there. As Founder Patrick Stephenson says, "[30 Days of Biking has] people who have had their bikes away all winter who are learning how to make the bike a lifestyle form of transportation. I saw one tweet from a guy who said, ‘I didn’t realize how close the supermarket was.’ It’s like it changes your perception of distance between things." 

30 Days of Biking

Getting Ready for a Month of Rides

Depending on where you live, there's a good chance that your bike has been stored away for winter and you're just pulling it out now. As you get ready to participate in 30 Days of Biking, make sure your bike is ready for riding by checking:

  1. Tires are fully inflated
  2. Brakes are working properly
  3. Chain is lubed
  4. Lights are working

If you're new to riding every day, you may discover that you need a better way to carry things on and off your bike. This is where Po Campo comes to the rescue.

For recreational and not necessarily destination-driven rides, such as group rides around your community or on your local bike paths, our Kinga Handlebar Bag is perfect for carrying the essentials and keeping everything at arm's reach.

Po Campo Kinga Handlerbar Bag - InsidePo Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag

Going to try biking to work or to the store as one of your 30 Days of Biking Rides? Our Bergen Pannier and Irving Backpack Pannier carry a good sized load, and seamlessly convert to a bag off the bike.

Po Campo Bergen PannierPo Campo Bergen Pannier

Po Campo Irving Backpack PannierPo Campo Irving Backpack Pannier

Whatever you need to carry, Po Campo has you covered!

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