Tips for Riding a Bike in a Skirt or Dress

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While we think that no one should be intimidated by their wardrobe, riding a bike in a skirt does raise some legitimate concerns. If you bike to work and need to look dressy, you may feel resigned to pantsuits forever, but biking in skirts and dresses is actually pretty simple if you just take a few precautions. Here’s some good rules to keep your modesty- and your outfit- intact while you wheel down the roads.


A Lengthy Discussion:

How to Bike in a Skirt - Length 

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Length is a big concern when riding a bike in a skirt or dress. The biggest concern here is safety, not modesty- and safety becomes an issue with too long or too full skirts. Ideally stay about knee-length or shorter; though if the skirt is slim and flexible, a midi-length can work, too. The bulk of maxi skirts or long full skirts can mean that they will find their way into your wheels. If you are determined to wear a long skirt, we suggest tying it into a knot while you’re riding to keep it out of the wheel.

In terms of shorter skirts, remember that wearing leggings or hot pants underneath is always an option. In general, fuller skirts like circle skirts and a-lines won’t ride up much, but tighter skirts with any spandex or stretch to them will creep up. Miniskirts can actually work surprisingly well, since their already about the ride-up point, but you may want to pair them with leggings or thick tights.

Flashing Signs:

There are a few good ways to avoid accidentally flashing your panties while riding a bike in a skirt. As mentioned above, hot pants or a short pair of biking shorts are a great way to cycle without worrying about it. There are also products like Bikie Girl Bloomers that have shorts built in to work appropriate skirts. Another clever option is to ride with a small weight on the hem of the skirt, such as a standard office binder clip, to keep your skirt down.

The most important advice to avoid flashing, however, is skip wrap skirts! While adorable, these are tricky enough to keep closed while you’re standing up; while biking, one gust of wind can lead to a larger audience than you’d prefer to see your “TGIF” undies. If you simply must wear a wrap, pin the open sides together with a safety pin or two before embarking, then remove at your destination.

Keep it Clean, Ladies:

How to Bike in a Skirt

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With these simple guidelines, riding a bike in a skirt is easier than you can imagine. Whether you’re headed to work, a picnic with friends, or a biking date, you can rest assured your skirt is both safe and simple to handle on your bike. 


  • Rebecca Heaslip

    As someone who cycles to work every day, I know how important it is to maintain my modesty and respect my skirts and dresses. My No. 1 tip is to use a large paper-clip (or two) to taper the dress/skirt, draping the hem over the girast. I must say that this has never failed me. Long live the freedom to enjoy cycling without fear or favor!

  • Preet

    Well written article with useful tips.

  • Melanie

    As a woman who “is determined to wear long skirts” and who rides a bike everyday, it has been a learning curve.

    Lately I have been tying my long wool twill skirt in the headband of my headlight, which is in effect a large elastic band and it is secure enough to tie several times and not budge. The only caveat is to be mindful of tying the right amount of fabric into the band. If I am in a rush or not paying attention, I won’t grab the right areas and still get that dreadful tire mark on my skirt. Dreadful!

    To remove that stain I use gloves, an old toothbrush, wet the stain with homemade vinegar alcohol cleaner only to “mark” the spot, then apply baking soda and scrub the wet toothbrush into the stain on both sides. Then I let it set for several minutes, after which I run water through the stain inside to outside so that the water pushes the grease out. During this rinse, I put a drop of dishwashing soap and brush it out, air dry the garment. It has worked for several nasty tire marks on my skirts. The effectiveness of this cleaning technique is dependant on fiber content and other factors.

  • anna

    I always wear dresses and skirts on a bicycle and length definitely makes a difference to comfort in riding and having to spend less time pulling down skirts, but the best advice I was given was to use an elastic band and tie a coin (in Australia, I use a 20 cent – its heavy and doesn’t have pointy edges that have previously put holes in a favourite dress. I love riding and I love dresses !

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