Which Type of Bike Bag Should I Get? Here's your Bike Bag Buyer's Guide.

You're shopping for someone who loves biking and you know that they will be utterly delighted with a Po Campo bag. But you might ask, which bag should I get? Here is your Bike Bag Buyer's Guide. This will help you know exactly which type of bike bags to purchase!

Bike Bag Buyer's Guide

Which Type of Bike Bag Should I Get?

When shopping Po Campo's bags, first pick the style that best suits her needs, and then pick a color. Remember, we offer free shipping and free returns for the holidays, so you cannot go wrong.

Okay, let's dive in:

1) What kind of riding does she want a bag for?

Road Cycling, or Riding for Speed / Fitness / Exercise

Type of Bike Bag - Po Campo Bike Bags for Road Cycling

For road cycling, chances are that she wants a lightweight bag that holds just the essentials, like her phone, keys, wallet, some money and snacks.

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag Bike Purse

Our Kinga Handlebar Bag ($45) is the best choice for these types of rides. Weighing less than a pound, it's spacious enough to hold what she needs and keeps everything at arm's reach. Perfect for Instagramming beautiful scenery!

Commuting to Work or School

Stylish Bike CommutingOn the other end of the spectrum, if she's riding to work or school, chances are is she's carrying more with her every day. Our larger bags, the Bergen Pannier ($115) and Irving Backpack Pannier ($130), both have laptop sleeves, space for spare pair of shoes or a sack lunch, and pockets to keep everything organized. These laptop panniers are perfect for protecting your necessities and accessories. Either of these bike bags are an excellent choice for those that need to transport more items.

To choose between these two styles, consider capacity and carrying preferences.

- The Bergen Pannier is larger capacity (21.8L) than the Irving Backpack Pannier, (18.5L) so if she carries a lot of things with her, this is the one to get.

Bergen Laptop Pannier

Bergen Pannier in Black Herringbone

- If size isn't as important, consider how she prefers to carry her bags. The Bergen is worn as a crossbody bag off the bike, while the Irving converts to a backpack. What style of bag does she usually opt for?

Irving Backpack Pannier On and Off the Bike

Irving Backpack Pannier in Black Herringbone

Recreational Rides Through the Countryside (or Neighborhood!)

Po Campo Bike Bags for Recreational Riding

If she tends to enjoy recreational rides, where the intent is not speed and intensity but getting outside and enjoying some exercise with friends and family, then opting for a medium size bag is a good choice. Here are some easy ways to decide which type of bike bag to purchase. 

Our Uptown Trunk Bag ($80) fits the essentials plus a light sweater, small picnic lunch – or a six pack. 

Touring and Adventure Cycling

Bike Touring with Po Campo bagsPhoto Credit

For bike touring and other forms of adventure cycling, chances are that her Po Campo bag will be just one of many bike bags she is carrying with her. While we have bags of all shapes and sizes, one thing that sets a Po Campo bag from other bags that she owns is how well it converts to a crossbody bag or backpack off the bike. In other words, if she's detaching one bag and using it as her normal bag in town, it'll be her Po Campo bag.

The Kinga Handlebar Bag or Uptown Bike Trunk Bag are light to medium capacity - the perfect amount for a day of sight seeing or going out to eat.

For bike packing, the Irving Backpack Pannier converts to a daypack for afternoon hikes. This type of bag is incredibly versatile for the adventurous.

Now you should know which type of bike bag would be the best fit. So let's talk colors!


2) What color should I get?

Obviously colors and prints are very subjective, but after many years of doing this, we can help you make an educated guess!

- Does she only carry black bags? If so, this is a strong color preference and you should select black herringbone.

- Our bestselling color is Mosaic, so if you're not sure, this is a good bet. It's colorful and fun and matches everything! 


This should answer the question, "What Type of Bike Bag Should I Get?" Now that you know which bag is perfect for you, shop here.


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