The Honest Benefits of Biking

Being a bike bag company, we’re a little biased in thinking that everyone should take advantage of the benefits of biking. Rather than just tell you to get out and ride your bike, we would like to share with you our honest take on the benefits of biking and why we do it every day - well unless it’s raining or snowing.

benefits of biking

1. Freedom

There’s a special, freeing sensation you get when riding a bike. Unlike any other mode of transportation, on a bike you can go where you want, when you want, however fast or slow you want. To add to that, you are never obligated to take the same road or path to your destination. You can experience the road less traveled, without having to worry about traffic or parking limitations. Studies say that serotonin, or “the happy hormone,” is released when biking. Science studies aside, the freedom you feel when riding a bike on a nice sunny day is unexplainable and truly a benefit of biking that you need to experience to understand. 

2. Ease of Travel

In many cities, biking is the fastest way to your destination. It allows you to avoid car traffic, access  In addition, the increasing popularity of shared bike systems makes it even easier to hop on a bike and then leave it behind at a docking station near your destination. Access to direct routes, and forego unreliable public transportation is one of the most widely known benefits of biking in urban cities. By biking to your destination you can almost guarantee you will get to the right place at the right time. Nervous about biking in a city? Read our tips to safely overcome the intimidation. Whether you’re in an urban or suburban location the knowledge of how to ride safely will give you the confidence to easily ride in any condition.

Traveling to a new city? The benefits of biking become even more obvious. Seeing a new place from the seat of your bike, can change your entire perspective on the location. Practically speaking, when traveling in a new city, chances are you don’t have their road maps memorized like your own hometown. Add peace of mind to your travels by taking advantage of our ultimate bicycle route planner. If traveling by foot, car, or train, you’re subject to all types of misfortune, such as one-way roads, confusing public transport schedules and maps, aggressive drivers, etc. All of which can be seamlessly avoided when traveling on a bike. Nevermind adjusting to your rental car’s blindspots or slowly walking to your destination, your travels can be easy and enjoyable with a bike. 

The benefits of biking let you stress less about remembering which side of the road to drive on, and enjoy more of the scenery around you. Note: Yes, you still need to pay attention to bike lane directions, but it’s a lot less stressful to pick up and turn around a bike than to reroute yourself in a car.

3. Mobile Organization

We get it, life can be busy and unpredictable. One of the many benefits of biking that we love at Po Campo is the organization aspect. From suburban parents to city commuters to every biker in between, biking gives you access to functional and versatile organization options. Our collection of Po Campo bike bags allow you to carry what you need on and off your bike with ease (and style!).

Riding to the grocery store to pick up a few items? Our Mardy Cargo Pannier converts to a tote/shoulder bag which is perfect for storing your groceries, plus it has a separate bottom compartment to keep frozen foods apart. It attaches/detaches to your bike in seconds with super-strong Fidlock® magnetic buckles, ensuring your stored items are safe and sound during your journey.

Going on a joyride around the park? Our Hudson Saddle Bag is perfect for toting your essentials! If you decide to lock up your bike to walk around, the Hudson comes equipped with a wristlet strap and waistband clip for easy off-the-bike carrying options. 

Whether you’re packing for a picnic or for work, our bike bags are designed to meet the needs of any lifestyle. Remember that time you forgot your gym bag in your car parked in a garage a half-mile away? These are memories you never have to relive when you embrace the benefits of biking and adopt a micro-mobile lifestyle. 

 4. Feel Great

We promised you our honest take on the benefits of biking, and at the end of the day, biking will make you feel great. If you feel great, you’ll look great, and if you look great it’s probably because you have a stylish Po Campo bike bag with you (just kidding). 

Biking can make you feel great as it is undoubtedly good for your health. It promotes weight loss, builds muscle, and improves overall cardiovascular and lung health. Alongside the physical benefits, your mental-wellbeing will benefit from a biking lifestyle too. Ever have a rough day at work? Commuting home on a bike somehow knocks the bad mood out of your system (at least it does for us). Biking combines the great feeling of physical exercise along with the adventure of exploring. 

Another reason we feel great biking is because of the environmental benefits of biking. Biking cuts down air pollutants, noise pollutants, and reduces your overall ecological footprint. Riding a bike will not only benefit you, the individual biking, but also the world as a whole. Last but certainly not least, we feel great biking because the wind is in our hair, the sun is warming our skin, and we never have to smell the subway again.

benefits of biking

As we mentioned earlier, we’re not here to harp on why you should ride a bike, but instead, share our honest reasons why we love it. And if you love these reasons maybe you’ll enjoy the benefits of biking, too.

At Po Campo, we're a work in practice, learning, and growing wherever we can. In addition to sharing our love for biking and overall micromobility, we also strive to mobilize students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs through the Power of Bicycles in areas of the world where distance is a barrier. Every time we sell 50 bags through our online store we fund a bike through World Bicycle Relief!

Shop now to get us one bag closer to a new bike - helping others across the world enjoy the benefits of biking too. 

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