Five Things to Know About Black Girls Do Bike!

Updated Nov 1, 2022 with new content and edited for clarity.

1. Who is Black Girls Do Bike (BGDB)?

Monica Garrison established non-profit organization Black Girls Do Bike in Spring of 2013. It has grown into a national organization with over 100+ chapters in all 50 states which are each led by a community Shero. Their goal is to build and promote a network of women of color who are interested in cycling.


BGDB supports efforts to promote all women, particularly women and girls of color, to the joys of cycling. They have created a welcoming environment where female cyclists can offer support, advice, arrange rides, and share their knowledge. BGDB seeks to simplify cycling and serve as a liaison to assist new riders in breaking down obstacles to entry and integrating into the greater cycling community.

Biking | Black Girls Do Bike


Image Courtesy Of BGDB

2. What is the Black Girls Do Bike Mentorship Program?

Black Girls Do Bike conducts a mentorship program to encourage new and experienced riders to join forces and ride together. Cyclists that discover their community lacks a chapter can create one for free as a passionate ride organizer and leader which is also known as a "Shero."

Biking with Shero| Black Girls Do Bike


Image Courtesy Of BGDB

3. What about their commitment to Healthy Communities?

While taking on a greater dedication to diversity, Black Girls Do Bike is fully active and in touch with local communities and their interests. They are bringing people together while simultaneously dealing with tokenization, normalization and exclusion from the sport.  

NYC biking| Black Girls Do Bike

Image Courtesy Of BGDB

4. Why is Po Campo excited to partner with Black Girls Do Bike?

Po Campo fully supports the mission of Black Girls Do Bike and adores their positive energy and overall good vibes. We are delighted to shine the spotlight on their great organization this month!

5. What about Po Campo does Black Girls Do Bike most appreciate?

BGDB appreciates Po Campo as a fearless, women-owned business in this industry. We admire Po Campo’s long-standing commitment to bold, beautiful design and generous giving to communities in need.  We are honored to be included in this month's campaign.  

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