Bubbles, our new print for Spring 2018!

One thing we can all agree on is how bicycling gives you feelings of joy and freedom. We wanted to capture that delight in our 2018 print pattern for our stylish bike bags, and we believe we nailed it with Bubbles!

New Bubbles print

We are introducing Bubbles in all of our bike bags, including our two new styles this spring: the Market Belt Bag and the Irving Backpack Pannier.

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag Bike Purse in BubblesKinga Handlebar Bag in Bubbles ($45)

Po Campo Irving Backpack Pannier in BubblesNEW Irving Backpack in Bubbles ($130)

Po Campo Uptown Trunk Bag in BubblesPo Campo Uptown Trunk Bag in Bubbles ($80)

Po Campo Market Belt Bag in BubblesMarket Belt Bag in Bubbles ($35)

Po Campo Bergen Pannier in BubblesBergen Pannier in Bubbles ($115)

Check out our Pinterest board Bubbly Bike Style for ideas on how to integrate this look into your active lifestyle!

Po Campo Pinterest Bubbly Bike Style


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