Discover Your Trails With Rails-To-Trails

Want to ride your bike this summer but feel like taking a break from riding on the hot city streets? Keep reading to find the best bike paths and trails near you.

Discover your trails with Rails to Trails

Rails-To-Trails Conservancy is on a mission to create safe, public spaces where everyone can be active outdoors. From biking to hiking and everything in between, Rails-To-Trails (RTC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a network of trails from former railway lines and connecting corridors throughout the United States. Through repurposing abandoned or unused railway corridors, RTC has created hundreds of miles of multi-use tracks for bike riding, walking and a range of other recreational activities. Summer is the perfect time to discover your local cycling trails, while combining the serenity of nature with the joy of bike riding and RTC has all the information you need to plan an awesome day out! Visit their website here.

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Finding the right trail for you

Whether you’re interested in a leisurely, short ride or a full day adventure RTC has you covered with their diverse network of trails. If you're more of a road or park rider, finding the right trail might be a daunting task and it’s always a good idea to do your research before heading off the beaten track. Luckily, the RTC TrailLink app makes this super easy. The app not only helps you find trails in your local area but also details the type of terrain you can expect and features a map so you can enjoy being out in nature while keeping on route. With a strong focus on trail maintenance and management you can be certain your track of choice will be a safe environment for you to enjoy the outdoors. For more information about your local trails, visit the Rails-To-Trails website here.

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E-bike Friendly Trails

E-biking is a great way to explore the bicycle trails while staying within your physical limits. The sometimes hilly and rough terrain can be challenging but doesn't need to be a limiting factor. Using an electric bike can make the experience less strenuous and more enjoyable no matter your fitness level. E-bikes are perfect for a social outing with friends or family, particularly if the little ones want to tag along for the ride. No matter if you are riding an e-bike or prefer a regular bicycle, always remember to use the proper etiquette while riding to ensure the trails are a safe and fun place for everyone. You can find out more about sharing the trails here.

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Get the right gear for your ride

Trail riding is the perfect summer outing and having the right gear can make the experience that much better! Our Summer Fun Bundle includes a bag for everyone and every adventure. The Spica Handlebar Sling Bag is great to have on those longer rides in nature; big enough to hold food, water and anything else you might need throughout the ride with the added bonus of securely fastening to your handlebars so you don’t have to worry about weight becoming an issue. Heading out with the kids? Whoosh Basket is perfect for all their toys, snacks and water! Plus, the zip fastening keeps everything safely in the basket even on bouncy terrain. And if a picnic in nature is more your style, Orchard Grocery Pannier has all the space you need to carry the essentials while conveniently hooking onto the rear bike rack. You can shop our full range of versatile bike bags here.

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If you’re craving an adventure or even just a fun way to keep active and social, exploring a cycling trail near you is the perfect activity. Head over to the Rails-To-Trails website for more information. 

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