Ep 3: The Good and Bad of DWR, w/ Jessie Curry of the OIA

After learning that the water repellent coating Po Campo has been using might contain harmful chemicals, I try and figure out what to do about it with advice from Jessie Curry, the Sustainable Business Innovation Manager at the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA). Watch the video!


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About this episode

Note: I misspoke a couple of times during this video. REI is requesting their suppliers to create a "Restricted Substances List", not a Restricted Materials List. Additionally, I referred to bluesign® has a Third-Party Supplier, which is inaccurate. Rather, bluesign® is a Third-Party Service Provider that validates/certifies supply chains.

In this video, I repeatedly refer to a document that the OIA and REI put together to help manufacturers develop a chemical management program. This document (along with other helpful presentations) are available for public consumption as webinars or downloadable decks on OIA's website.

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If you're interested in learning more about bluesign®, the OIA also hosted a webinar with Jill Duman of bluesign® about their services and how they can assist manufacturers like Po Campo verify their supply chain, which you can find here.

Conversation Questions

As we're going through this process, each episode makes me think of a few questions that I would love your input on. Feel free to leave your answers, or any other comments, below:

- How important is it for you to see water bead up on fabric to believe that it's water repellant?

- Have you heard of the bluesign® certification before and is it something you look for in the products you use?

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