Gearing Up For Celebrate Trails Day

Everything you need to know about riding bike trails

As Earth Month blooms into full swing, Celebrate Trails Day is right around the corner. This fun event, hosted by Rails to Trails Conservancy,  takes place the 4th Saturday of every year to raise awareness for our nationwide network of rail trails. What better way to celebrate than by exploring a bike trail near you?

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just dipping your toes into the world of biking, exploring the great outdoors on two wheels offers a perfect blend of adventure and eco-friendly fun!

We recently launched our two new (epic) bike bags - the Katy Trunk Bag and the Crescent Bike Basket that are perfect for the trail. In fact, both these bags were inspired by and named after the iconic Katy Trail and Capital Crescent Trail (to learn more about these two trails, check out our blog post here). 

This month we’ve teamed up with Rails to Trails Conservancy to inspire you to explore a rail trail near you. We’ve got helpful tips to help you prepare for the ride! In this guide, we'll equip you with all the essentials you need for a blissful ride through scenic trails, while keeping sustainability and other trail users in mind.
From bike gear to snacks and other essentials, we've curated a comprehensive list to ensure you have everything you need for an excellent day on the bike trail.

Bike Bags for Trail Riding

The right storage solutions can make all the difference in your comfort and convenience for a day on the trail. First things first, you’ll need a bike bag that works with your bike and is spacious enough to hold the trail ride essentials (don’t worry, we go through those later in this article!). Bike bags are our specialty, so you’re in very capable hands. Here at Po Campo, we’ve been creating functional and stylish bike bags for 15 years, consistently evolving our designs to suit your life on and off the bike. 

Let’s run through our top recommendations: 

Handlebar Bike Bags:

Crescent Bike Basket

For a fabric bike basket, Crescent packs a punch. With a 5L capacity, zippered inner pocket and removable mesh lid, Crescent is big enough to hold the necessities for shorter trail rides and secure enough to keep it all safe!
You won’t find another bike basket like it. Most bike baskets are stiff and clunky - but this one is extremely well constructed to hold up to the rigors of a bike ride without clunking around.

Domino Handlebar Bag

Voted one of the Top Handlebar Bags of 2023 by REI, Domino is a best-seller for good reason. This water resistant and lightweight bag easily converts into a comfortable crossbody bag when off the bike making it perfect for a day out exploring the trails and any pit stops along the way. The bag securely attaches to all handlebar styles, making and it’s sure to become your favorite go-to for any ride!

Tussey Phone Bag

This handy compact phone holder bike bag doubles as your GPS and must-have storage compartment. The one-handed opening makes the zip pocket super easy to access while on the trails. Navigate your route and track your mileage all day with the touchscreen compatible clear lid. The Tussey is fitted with adjustable super strong straps to make sure she fits securely to any and all bike frames (ebikes included!).

Trunk bags

Katy Trunk Bag

The Katy is the queen of convertible bags, going from bike trunk bag to crossbody bag in seconds, thanks to her stowaway shoulder strap and heavy-duty velcro fastener straps. Ebike friendly with pockets galore and enough space for a packed lunch or extra layers, spare tires and more! The Katy won’t only help you through any trail ride but she’s  sure to become your BFF of bags.

Vernon Trunk Bag

Don’t limit your trail ride with limited space! The Vernon Bike Trunk Bag was crafted to comfortably store snacks, clothes, and whatever else you need for a perfect, carefree ride. With waterproof fabric, a sustainable lining made from water bottles and an expandable design, this bike trunk bag will sustain you wherever you go. 


Can’t decide if Katy or Vernon is the right trunk bag for you? Check out our trunk bag comparison page here!

Snacks and Water for a Day on the Trail

Staying hydrated and energized is key for any ride, especially those longer days out on the trails. Insulated water bottles like Bivo are perfect for keeping your drink of choice nice and cool (or warm) and the reusability helps you reduce your waste while on the trails. 

For snacks, we love Bob’s Red Mills snack bars and oatmeal cups for easy and nutritious nibbles while you’re on-the-go.

Safety Gear for Bike Riding

Bike lock to keep your bike nice and safe while you enjoy a cafe or brewery stop along your ride.

Repair kit consisting of spare inner tube, tire levers, a mini pump or CO2 inflator, and a multitool for minor repairs or adjustments along your ride. 

Bike lights you never know where the day may take you, and when you’ll wrap up your ride. A powerful front and rear light ensures you’ll always be visible and safe on or off the trail.

Bike bell As you approach other trail users, it’s respectful to alert them to your presence so you don’t surprise them. A bike bell is the perfect way to do this. 
Bike helmet because, safety first! 

Sunscreen to help you enjoy every minute in the great outdoors without the burn afterwards.

Spare clothes for any weather changes. Dress in layers so you can easily cool down as you ride. Having a rain jacket or sweater for the just-in-case moments adds that extra feeling of comfort to your ride.

Bike Trail Etiquette

Stay alert so you know what’s going on around you. It’s fun to spend a day on the trail sinking in and relaxing, but it’s also important to keep an eye out for hazards and other trail users.

Share the Trail Ride to the right except when passing. If you’re riding with others, ride single file when you’re near other people to give plenty of room for others to pass, and so you’re not hogging the trail. It’s okay to ride two abreast and chat - one of the best aspects of rail trails - just make sure you’re keeping an eye on your surroundings so you can move aside as other trail users approach from behind or ahead.

Slower trail users always have the right of way. Yield to people with mobility devices, walkers and anyone who could use some additional space. Slow down and pass cautiously.

Communicate Give a little ding when you’re two bike lengths away, and another as you get closer. 

Be friendly! Everyone’s on the trail to have a good day in the great outdoors. As you pass, give a little wave of thanks. If someone yields to let you through, say thank you. If you find yourself near other trail users at a trail map or stopping point, say hi!

Dust off your helmet, fill up your water bottle, and join us as we pedal through lush landscapes, soaking in the beauty of the thousands of miles of rail trails around the nation. We hope to see you out on the trails this Celebrate Trails Day as we explore the many beautiful trails across the country.

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