Gift Guide for the Stylish City Cyclist

Here at Po Campo we aim to ride in style, and want you to share the love in this holiday season. These are a few of our favorite items for those who strive to coast the intersection of dapper and mobile.

This is a gift guide from HanaKyle, one of our brand ambassadors in Brooklyn. Read her bio below!

Leather Wine Caddy by Fyxation

Leather Wine Caddy ($49.95)

Sometimes it’s nice to not carry a bag to the party, but how, then, to bring the wine? Enable your loved one’s party game with this sturdy leather wine carrier that attaches to the top tube of any bike. Also adjustable to fit bottles of liquor, this is a versatile gift that shouts “here comes the party”!

Reflective Helmet Bow by OneTwoThreeSpeed

Reflective Helmet Bow ($16.00)

Safety and style can now be applied directly to your helmet! We all know that the bicycle helmet might not be the cutest hat you (or she) would’ve chosen to go with this outfit— OneTwoThreeSpeed to the rescue! The gift of this reflective bow adds a little pizzaz to the usual, making safety cute again.

Po Campo Bergen Pannier

Po Campo Bergen Pannier
Po Campo Bergen Pannier ($119.99)

The Pannier for the All-Day-Every-Day Cyclist: provides the ease that was sorely missing from the world of panniers: take it off your bike and now you’re holding a reasonably sized purse with a comfy shoulder strap. This bag is perfect for anyone who bicycles to work, to the gym, to dinner, to weekend activities, without needing to change bags.

Aviator Hat by Rocks & Salt

Aviator Hat by Rocks and Salt ($68.00)

Best winter hat for under the helmet: Is winter headed towards where you live, too? Avoid cold ears with this. Their beautiful wool design means that it fits nicely under a bicycle helmet, making it perfect for riding through the winter!

Alphacharge Snap Bandanna by Outlier

Alphacharge Snap Bandanna ($98.00)

Holiday season is synonymous with winter in the northeast, though we realize not everywhere. Nonetheless, here’s a sleek, lightweight merino wool bandanna to protect your loved one when the temperature drops. It can be worn around the neck, and adjusted to slide all the way up to the nose for those colder rides. Outlier’s style is subtle and functional, making this bandanna great for the cyclist who doesn’t “need anything.” 

About HanaKyle

HanaKyle Moranz commutes on her bicycle all over New York City, and strives to ride throughout the winter! She also occasionally rides longer distances and has a baffling love-hate relationship with bicycle touring and camping. HanaKyle is a wellness practitioner, and provides massage therapy and yoga therapy to a variety of populations in myriad settings around NYC.

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