Gift Guide of Women Makers & Designers

Nothing inspires us more than the work of other women entrepreneurs making something that fills a gap in the world. It's how we got our start too! Check out these companies started with the passion and hardwork of their female founders. We know you'll love the stuff they make!

Maria Boustead Po CampoPo Campo Founder Maria Boustead sketching up new bags

Our company was born when our founder Maria Boustead longed for a versatile bag that she could use on and off her bike. When she couldn't find one, she decided to make one herself. That stroke of inspiration has led to some pretty stylish bike bags and super versatile everyday bags, like our Midway Weekender

We know firsthand the challenges of starting and growing a business, and it's important to us to shine a light on the work that other women are doing. 

Block printing textiles at ichcha 


An amazing journey through India left three sisters with the need to start ichcha, an environmental conscious company that produces handmade home textiles, scarves, and purses.   

Ich Cha meaning ‘a wish’.  With unique designs inspired from yearly trips to visit local artisans in India these ladies offer that special print to complete your favorite room and outfit. For any season an Ich Cha scarf will go lovely with your Po Campo Midway weekender for any quick trip. Browse their cultural pieces here: Ich Cha

Dreamers and Doers - De IslasElena and Junko, the designers behind De Islas

De Islas

Taking experiences and influences from the environment to create inspiring one-of-a-kind designs, you'll be truly inspired by the work of De Islas. You know that we at Po Campo love colorful patterns, and Junko's and Elena's creations bring us so much joy. Check out their designs and see what application ideas you come up with, from home decor to wardrobe design and everything in between.  Browse the designs here.

Dreamers and Doers - KordalKordal designer Mandy Kordal inspecting the knitting

KORDAL Knitwear

Cold weather is upon us.  Do you have your knitwear?  KORDAL Knitwear is going to have you second guessing your wardrobe.  As sole designer, Mandy Kordal found her passion after helping others by branching out and getting her first knitting machine. By producing 80% of the products in NYC with local yarn she is creating social and environmental conscious garments.  Your new favorite sweater is here. Cozy, Comfortable and Chic.  Pick your style here KORDAL. 

Dreamers and Doers - LimegreenLimegreen creators Allison and Talima


Every woman needs to take care of their skin. It is our first barrier of protection against harm.  Limegreen is a multi purpose skin/hair care line that brings you soaps, oils, and sprays.  Using childhood memories of growing up on a farm in North Carolina the creators combine unrefined and organic products from local businesses to produce natural and quality products.  Take simplicity and create your new skin regimen here: Limegreen

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