Kids' Cycling Gear To Help Your Kids Bike Safely This Summer

 kids cycling gear - kid with bike handlebar bag

When it comes to kids’ cycling gear, parents are all about safety. The kids are all about having fun with cool bike gear. We’ll cover a little bit of both as we discuss kids’ cycling protective gear and kids’ mountain bike gear. 

Whether your kid is a rock star at the bike park, a daredevil on the trails, or a newbie hitting the sidewalk, we know you’re on the lookout for protective cycling gear that fits correctly, is made well, and is going to do the job it’s meant to do. 

Kids’ Cycling Gear On the Go


kids cycling gear - kids handlebar bag


Protect the investment that’s protecting your kids by giving them a place to store their gear while on the go!

When part of your kid’s summertime day includes a bike helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads, they need a place to store their gear between adventures. Our stylish Zinger Backpack Pannier securely fastens to your kid’s bicycle rear rack with a unique and secure hook and loop attachment system. With this bag, when they park their bikes and grab some afternoon shade with friends, rather than tossing their gear aside, this pannier gives them one place to keep everything in one place. They can stow away all their protective gear and rest up for their next big ride. 

reflective pins

Speaking of protective gear, you want your kid to be visible when the sun starts to set. These cute reflector pins are an easy way to get kids to wear a reflector.

While we’re talking protective gear, there’s one piece of gear that is essential no matter what time of year your kids are racking up miles on their bikes: fuel! 



With our Blip Water Bottle Feed Bag to keep your kid hydrated, and Protective Banana Case for a healthy snack, you’re not only promoting healthy choices for your kids, you’re also making fuel readily available for the times when they start to wear down mid-journey. 

Focusing on your kids’ cycling protective gear that safeguards them on the outside is important. But don’t forget what they’ll need to stay hydrated and healthy on the inside, too!

Kids’ Mountain Bike Gear 

kids handlebar bag

Enough of all that safety talk. Let’s get to the fun stuff!

If your bikes are part of your family’s daily lifestyle, chances are you might include some trail riding on your summer trips. 

As parents, you’re going to have to rely on your kids to carry their own weight on a day trip or for longer camping trips. 

We know you’d do anything for your kids, which means you’d be willing to ride to the highest mountain while carrying all their mountain bike gloves and shorts, snacks, and water. However, your kid can easily carry a few belongings with the Speedy Kids’ Handlebar Bag or Zinger Backpack Pannier

kids backpack pannier

If you need room for more, the Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag can be a great addition to your own bike to help them out. It easily fastens to the top of your bike’s rear rack with adjustable and secure Velcro straps and then converts into a crossbody bag. As you all jump off your bikes to head into that beautiful clearing for a picnic, or you’re ready to set-up camp under the stars, this bag can hold more of what you need for a fun outdoor adventure. 

Safety and Fun!

While you’re focused on the ways cycling gear can help keep your family trips safe and efficient, your kids are focused on how their cycling gear can help them have fun! Safety and fun go hand in hand, so gear up, pack up, and be ready for wherever the trail takes you next!


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