Kids' Cycling Gear to Promote Kids Bike Safety This Summer


When it comes to kids’ cycling gear, we know parents are all about kids’ bike safety while the little ones are all about having fun with cool bike gear. We’ll cover a little bit of both!

Whether your kid is a rock star at the bike park, a daredevil on the trails, or a newbie hitting the sidewalk, we know you’re on the lookout for protective cycling gear that fits correctly, is made well, does the job it’s meant to do… and is something your kids will actually want to ride with!

Kids’ Cycling Gear: Safety First 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, kids aged 5 to 14 go to hospital emergency rooms for injuries associated with bicycles more than any other sport. 

Elbow and knee pads are pieces of kids' cycling gear that can help protect your child from bumps and scrapes, but a properly-fitting helmet is the most important piece of equipment for kids’ bike safety.



Helmets can reduce the risk of a head injury by 85 percent and brain injury by 88 percent! (source) This is one of our favorite helmets for kids aged 5-11. We’re also huge fans of Nutcase Helmets, which has helmets for babies, as well as youths & toddlers!

Once your kid has picked out a stylish helmet - make sure it actually fits. A poorly-fitted helmet (one that’s too big, too small, or that tilts too far in any direction) doesn’t provide a whole lot of protection, and kids with poorly-fitted helmets are 2x as likely to sustain a head injury in a bicycle crash than those whose helmets fit properly (source). 

Here are three things to consider when fitting your child for a helmet:

  • Sizing: If you don’t have the right size helmet, there’s no way to adjust it for proper fit. Before purchasing a helmet, measure around your kid’s forehead, right above the eyebrows. Then, compare this measurement to the manufacturer’s sizing tables.
  • Fit: Adjust the padding or rear fit dial on your kid's helmet until it’s snug enough that they can shake their head without the helmet shifting. 

Straps: The side straps should come to a point just below your child’s ear. The chin strap should be snug enough that you can fit just one finger between the strap and the chin.



Speaking of kids’ cycling gear that improves kids’ bike safety, you want your kid to be visible when the sun starts to set! When children and adolescents ages 14 and under ride their bicycles after sunset, they are four times more likely to be injured. (source

These cute reflector pins are also an easy way to get kids to wear a reflector! All bike bags in the Po Campo Kids’ Collection also include large reflective accents to improve nighttime visibility.


Kids’ Cycling Gear: Storage

Once you invest in protective gear to improve your kids’ bike safety, protect that investment by giving them a place to store gear between adventures.

Our fun Whoosh Bike Basket fastens to your kid’s bicycle handlebars with a secure hook and loop attachment system. When your kids park their bikes to grab some afternoon shade with friends, rather than tossing their gear aside, they’ll have one place to stow everything and rest up for their next big ride.


Kids’ Cycling Gear: Snacks

While we’re talking protective gear, there’s one thing that is essential no matter what time of year your kids are racking up miles on their bikes: fuel! 

With our Blip Water Bottle Bag to keep your kid hydrated, and Protective Banana Case for a healthy snack, you’re not only promoting healthy choices for your kids, but you’re also making fuel readily available for the times when they start to wear down mid-journey. 

Focusing on protective gear that promotes bike safety on the outside is important. But don’t forget that they need to stay hydrated and healthy on the inside, too!


Kids’ Cycling Gear: Family Bike Rides

If bikes are part of your family’s daily lifestyle, chances are you might include some trail riding on your summer trips. 

As parents, you’re going to have to rely on your kids to carry their own weight on day trips or longer camping trips. 

We know you’d do anything for your kids, which means you’d be willing to ride to the highest mountain while carrying all their mountain bike gloves and shorts, snacks, and water. However, your kid can easily carry a few of their own belongings with the Speedy Kids’ Handlebar Bag.

If you need room for more, a trunk bag can be a great addition to your own bike to help the kids out! 

Our Chelsea Trunk Bag easily fastens to the top of your bike’s rear rack with adjustable and secure Velcro straps and then converts into a crossbody bag. Our Vernon Trunk Bag (new for 2022!) offers even more storage capacity! As you all jump off your bikes to head into that beautiful clearing for a picnic, or you’re ready to set up camp under the stars, these bags can hold more of what you need for a fun outdoor adventure. 

Safety and Fun!

While you’re focused on the ways cycling gear can help keep your family trips safe and efficient, your kids are focused on how their cycling gear can help them have fun! Safety and fun go hand in hand, so gear up, pack up, and be ready for wherever the trail takes you next!


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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in June 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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