Meet Our models: Q & A with Susan

We used Brooklyn bicyclists for the photo shoot for the Bike 'O' Rama Bonanza Giveaway. Here's your chance to get to know Susan!

Po Campo bike bags bike style

Tell us your bike story. How did you get into biking, what kind of biking do you do, etc.

I initially got into biking for easy commuting through the University of Washington campus. One quarter I had classes that were on opposite ends of the campus (it would take me ~25 minutes to walk to the other class) so I would have to leave my previous class 10 minutes earlier to make it to my next class on time. Biking saved me a lot of time and I was able to stay and learn more in my classes rather than panicking that I would be late to my other class. Other than commuting to and from classes I had a few friends who I met through biking and it was nice that we could all travel to events in the city on nice and sunny days. 

Where are your favorite places to bike in NYC?

My favorite places to bike in NYC are Central Park and Riverside Park. (I’m still a bit new to the city, I’m originally from Seattle, WA so I can give that answer as well) My favorite places to bike in Seattle is around Greenlake, Lake Washington, and Gas Works Park.
Po Campo bike bags bike style with Susan

How do you describe Po Campo to your friends, or what do you think is special about Po Campo?

What separates Po Campo bags to other commuter bag brands is how thoughtful and versatile the bags are for every day use (with or without a bike). I use my bag (Uptown Bike Trunk Bag) regularly and I can fit all of my school and work items (and my lunch) into it. My bag looks like a regular purse and I can feel confident carrying something that looks visually appealing while grabbing happy hour with friends. I’m always cautious about the safety of my belongings (especially since I’m new to the city) I feel an extra layer with safeness with this bag- the bag is zippered, has an optional shoulder strap, and with the structured wiring I know the fragile items I carry will not be squished within my bag. 


A favorite tip (or two) about how you incorporate mindfulness and healthy habits into your daily life?

I incorporate mindfulness into my daily life by starting my day by running or biking to Central Park. Growing up in Seattle, I enjoy being in an environment filled with trees and creeks. I like to take a 10 minute break and sit alongside the water and relax to calm my mind while enjoying the nature around me. 

Po Campo bike bags

What's one memory from the photo shoot that you'd like to share? Or, what about the photo shoot did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed getting to know everyone at the photoshoot, I also enjoyed the nice, sunny weather and the ice-cream. 

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