Mother’s Day Survival Kit


One of the things that has not been cancelled this year is Mothers Day. We are sure more than any other year the mother’s on this planet need an extra little something to brighten their day. If you can’t actually see your mom and give her a hug make sure you give her a call or jump on  Zoom, Skype or Facetime - those calls have been fun! Right?

You can also get her one of our Limited Edition* Mother’s Day Survival Kits we put together to address some of today’s issues our active mother’s are having. Our Survival Kit offers the following items:

$100 Value for only $60

Together the items in this kit add up to $100 but for all you special super heroes out there we are offering it to you for only $60. Plus free shipping.

*Limited Edition - we only have a small amount of these kits so first come first served until we run out.

Get while supplies last.

Kinga Handlebar Bag 2

We chose this bag because it is our most popular and most versatile for anyone whether you bike often are just getting back into the swing of things with our new restrictions. The Kinga is the perfect versatile shoulder bag that attaches quite quickly and easily to the handlebar of a bike or scooter. All of the features and specifications are on the product page. 

Choose any of our great colors.


Reflective Face Mask by Po Campo

Yup. New normal. We got very busy once we realized that masks were going to be part of our new normal and that you needed something you could throw in the wash and use over and over again. We also felt that our customer needed something bright and reflective to help be seen while moving around. This mask is custom made in New York just for you with the following features:

  • Reflective details and high viz fabrics to keep you noticed
  • Pocket for adding filter (not included)
  • Aluminum wire over nose for secure fit - machine washable
  • Breathable 100% cotton double layer

Nikwax Tent & Gear Solar Wash

Besides washing our hands when we come in from outside, we should also be practicing more diligent cleaning regiments on our clothing and products. We imagine that you will take your Kinga everywhere filled with hand sanitizer, wipes, extra mask, lotion, sunscreen, wallet, etc., but once you bring it home we suggest a wipe down. We partnered with Nikwax so you could protect your Po Campo bag by cleaning it regularly with Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash. It handily removes dirt and grime, while maintaining water-repellency. Additionally, by adding UV protection to your bag, Nikwax SolarWash can help it last 50% longer, just by cleaning. Such benefits:

  • Cleans effectively
  • Increases fabric strength
  • Protects against UV deterioration
  • Maintains water-repellency

Life Elements CBD Skin Repair Salve Stick

Oh the damage frequently washing our hands is having on our skin. We need some relief! We are super excited to partner with Life Elements to offer you this Skin Repair Stick as part of our Mother’s Day Survival Kit. This Stick is the most versatile and dependable healing tool you will ever own. And a good Salve to take with you while on the go.

Life Element’s Skin Repair Stick offers a full spectrum of relief from a CBD salve that works to repair dry, cracked skin, or help minor cuts, bites, and rashes feel better. Organic, broad-spectrum CBD is packed with antioxidants that help it target inflammation, and it can help quell anxiety, too. There's nothing harsh in here, but plenty of natural skin-pleasers like beeswax, shea butter, and tea tree oil to hydrate, nourish, and soothe skin. Made in the USA.

Po Campo Reflector Pins

We also thought that our mother’s deserved something pretty and functional while they are doing their super hero mother duties. The Po Campo reflective pins are a really nice touch to add to your clothes or bags as you ride to be extra visible. We have added 2 assorted pins in each bag. What a treat! Random selection of pin style will be provided.

Get Your Survival Kit Now!

Thank you to all the mothers who keep your families sane during trying times and provide unconditional love and support. We couldn't do this without you. 

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